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    Character is what you do when no-one is looking.
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    Sitting at my desk, watching the sun rise over the hills and listening to the blackbird proclaim the new day.
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    Music, reading, writing, gardening, artist. Also, preparing lessons and doing craft for helping one adult and two groups of three children to discover that learning English can be fun.

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  1. "Please look out for your postie in this hot weather. Please remember that they are out walking for miles in this heat. If you feel able, please offer to top up their water bottles. And, if you feel able,  offer them the use of your loo. Many posties don’t take the required amount of liquid they need as they don’t have access to a loo. If you can offer either, thank you."

    From the Facebook page of a friend whose husband was a postie. She shared this from Pete Roughton. 

    Perhaps you could copy and paste this to your Facebook pages, too?


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