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    Zeke & Donna. Lucas & Libby. Kyle "Caveman". Kate& Declan.
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    " I cannot make speeches Emma, If I loved you less, perhaps I could talk about it more" -Mr. Knightley, Emma (Jane Austen) "You are the sexiest single here." Lucas to Libby at Ringo and Donna's wedding.
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    Genevieve Paris
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    Can't decide!
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    Spoiler Junkie
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    Sydney, NSW
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    Home and Away.
    Writing my own stories.
    Reading Jane Austen.
    Watching romantic comedies.
  1. Yay, I love finding Zeonna fans!!! Zeonna forever <33333

  2. Hey hun! Thanks for the message! Glad that you like Jane Austen, Twilight and Glee :) I love finding people with the same interests!

    have a good day!

    Paris xoxox

  3. Hi lovely,

    Sorry that we haven't spoken in awhile. I've been so busy with University :( Do you go on the neighbours.com.au website? My Zonna fic is there in the fan fiction forum under the name of 'My life would suck without you.' Let me know if can read it through there, otherwise I will send it to you. :) xxx

  4. Hey Laura,

    Thanks for the message sweets.

    Sorry for the late rely!

    I will send through my fics as soon as I have finished my uni exams. I'd love to read yours aswell. Yay for being a Dec& Kate / Zeke & Donna shipper ;)

    Have a good day! Paris xoxo

  5. I had to comment here! I LOVE Jane Austen.. Twilight and Glee too! haha

  6. Hi. I am a massive Declan and Kate fan, check out my stories, Declan and Kate UK Spoilers, on the In Progress section of fanfics.

    I am a massive Zonna fan too :) if you could send me the fics I'd really appreciate it.

    Many thanks


  7. Hey babe,

    Did you have a good weekend?

    How was the beach ?


  8. That's cute. I'm glad you like Edward. I like him a lot too. If you haven't read Emma, I think you should. I am TOTALLY IN LOVE with MR. KNIGHTLEY! !! He's my ideal man. I completely agree with that quote and I am a member of the group lol! Ahh if only men like Austen's did exist today! Have a gorgeous weekend! xx

  9. Hey Jaz!

    I'm fine babe, how are you?

    Any fun plans for the weekend?

    I'm just studying and working =[ Fun, huh? lol! Have a gorgeous weekend =] x

  10. Hey gorgeous,

    I'm great thanks :)Just sooo busy with uni exams and work haha.

    You have a gorgeous weekend too =] x

  11. I haven't seen/read them all but S&S is my favourite. I love Edward. He is my perfect man! I love the Facebook group "Jane Austen has ruined my perceptions of romance...and that vexes me!!!" IT'S SO TRUE! :(

  12. Heeeey Paris (:

    I'm Jaz..

    How are you?


  13. that was apose to say my week ! :L

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