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Yep, I'll do that. :)


Sorry about the long downtime then, guys. That's what I get for going to bed and putting my phone on silent. ;) Just a hiccup with the server - all back to normal now.

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It was lovely to find things like my sig just showing up like that! And I even had Israel's flag! Had a good laugh out of finding out that I was suddenly a guy though :lol: But that was very easily fixed :)

Oops! I flagged and gendered a handful of people yesterday, that one must've slipped by. Sorry Kasey :blush:

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The place looks great, you've done a fantastic job, Sal.


Even though I'm not a 'regular' any more, it's so weird being here instead of Erinsborough after all these years. It'll certainly take some getting used to.

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