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  1. Lol I always wondered what kind of secondary had a college green! I thought that was more like a Uni. Nice school all the same!

  2. It looks nice from what I've seen of it via 'Skins'!

  3. I need to check Bristol out. Heading back to England during the summer, it could be an option!

  4. Madeline is awesome. I'm such a sucker for anything I grew up with - nostalgia is one of my fave thing to reminisce about. I knew you were cool when you posted that you liked Cork/live in Liverpool/Madeline mention...take your pick. Cool kid.

  5. I'm sure it wasn't that bad. I went to Uni of Birmingham briefly and my essays were a disaster. I just didn't have a planned way of writing them!

  6. Hope you've not been procrastinating today! What uni are you at in Liverpool BTW? x

  7. Nah, it doesn't. *backs away from computer*. I joke, I joke but sadly I am logging off now. I'll message you tomorrow. I've always enjoyes reading your posts here :) - that was my creepy stalker type message out of the way. Night!

  8. I'm adding you as a friend. Hell, I add users I've never talked to so why not?!

  9. Thanks for running the site, Sal! Cheers.
  10. Good work Sal. The widescreen looks great on my laptop . Also loving the facebook type status thingy now. Cool.