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  4. It's happened to me once or twice as well, the too many requests message.
  5. It does pop up occasionally, although there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it - it's not forgotten, I've just been busy with work this week. I'll try and look at it soon.
  6. I sometimes get that one too. It's not a persistent problem. You're just too needy.😜 ETA: Of course sods law dictated that I got that very message when I first attempted to make this very post.
  7. Well Done! Thank you everybody for your continued work on the Archive, it really is appreciated, and it really is a great achievement!
  8. I keep getting this message when I try and post sometimes. Is the forum booting me off for using it too much?
  9. Thanks to your noble sacrifices, now nobody ever need watch 1995 again.
  10. A group of us (@Sayaka @eviltwin @Clare and myself) have been working the last few days to finish off some early summaries, and I'm pleased to announce that the summaries for 1995 are now complete.
  11. We have amended the text editor slightly to assist our Contributors with their summarising and archiving efforts. The change affects the posting box across the forum. Previously, you had to press enter/return twice to get to a new line. Now, you only press once. Existing posts have been converted, so for a period of time, you'll see lots of posts with lots of whitespace. Apologies for this. If you need to write on the line below, you can hold down shift and press return/enter. Like This Example It'll take a bit of getting used to with everyone's muscle memory, but it's a big help to our archiving team.
  12. I've only been here just shy of 14 years so I guess that makes me a relative newcomer
  13. Earlier
  14. hello, I came across this page when I searched google to see if there was any reason for neighboursepisode.com to be down. Don't suppose anyone can help me?
  15. Aye, my life would be a lot different if it weren't for this place and the folk I have met/become friends with.
  16. Same for me. 🙂 I love that I have made some real-life GoodFriends™ from here. 😍
  17. Thanks for all your hard work, Sal. Much appreciated
  18. Approx 17 years for me here! 😮 And I was reading the summaries before that too!
  19. I'm a veritable newcomer - I started lurking after IMDB shut down their discussion forums and delurked a bit later - it would probably have been sooner but I was reading the Digital Spy forums and those are... not a place I would delurk, let's go with that. But I do love that on here we can have discussions and disagreements and still be mostly okay with each other - the mostly is more due to not liking opinions than people for me, and that happens everywhere online. But I really love discussions on here, it's one of the more calm places I know of generally.
  20. Yes, it's 18 years for me actually. Wow!
  21. I used to discuss Neighbours on the Pure Soap forum but I'm not sure if anyone was on that forum.
  22. I'm glad you found us!
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