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  5. All fixed now; apologies.
  6. Sal is aware of it and we’re waiting for the hosts to do something (technical term! ).
  7. Problem maybe back when trying to access the latest updates I am getting a 503 error meesage
  8. Considering todays episode, I definitely think they were still shooting scripts for Sheila.  I think this would've been her exit storyline.

    1. Red Ranger

      Red Ranger

      Okay, er, I'm not even sure what you mean by that. I'm not even sure there ever was an exit storyline for Sheila, it depends which rumour you listen to. Do you mean it was meant to be Sheila rather than Karl giving money to Montana? If so, a)how would Sheila have that much money and b)why would that lead to her leaving? Even if Sheila was originally storylined to still be appearing at this point (which does seem likely), I doubt the scripts had actually been written.

    2. honeykid


      Sorry, it was linked to the comment about 'who was speaking for Sheila' in an episode discussion, but I didn't want to put this in there.  A case of one side of the 'conversation' knowing what "we're" talking about. :D


      Yes, I do mean that it was meant to be Sheila rather than Karl givng the money.  If you accept that storylines are scripted this far ahead, then it follows that they'll have to be scripted for someone?  Hopefully we're on the same page now.  If so, then a) Sheila could get the money by re-morgaging her house.  That'd be the most likely way, IMO, but borrowing from family/a loan shark maybe? b) because having been fleeced of $200,000 she'd have to repay it and selling the house would be the only way should could afford to get the money.  No house and she'd have to move away (back to Frankston?) and, therefore, leave.  The scripted words may not have been written (I don't know how far ahead they're written) but with the storyline and it's ramifications scripted/guests signed, maybe they couldn't move it or thought it a good way to get K&S to have to sell up and leave (now that the show is ending) though, obviously, I don't know that's happening either, but it seems to fit.

    3. Red Ranger

      Red Ranger

      I'm not sure that actual scripts would have been written, but I can accept that there was a plan in place for what was going to happen in this week's episodes and they had to change it to remove Sheila. As you say, neither of us really know what Plan A was, so your idea's as good as any.

      I'm aware of three theories as to what happened with Sheila's departure:
      1. The show was planning to axe the character and Colette responded by walking out and refusing to film a departure scene.
      2. Colette was abruptly sacked for whatever reason.
      3. The version Colette's given: She was aware that the show was ending and Kyle and Roxy were leaving and that Sheila wasn't going to have any real storylines in the last 6 months so decided to leave straightaway rather than just be part of the scenery. (Which I am extremely sceptical about.)

      If 1 is true, then you're quite right, they would have had an exit planned for Sheila. If 2 or 3 is true, then they weren't expecting her to leave so they wouldn't have an exit planned. People have been saying in the episode threads that these episodes were filmed around the time the news broke, so there's probably not anything in them that was actually planned because the show was ending but it might end up fitting in well.

  9. I don't know if you're aware or not but both The OC and One Tree Hill are on ITV2.

    1. Skylover


      Yes, should I watch??!

  10. Fixed now; should be better going forward.
  11. No, it's a long standing issue - I've got a fix for it, but it needs to run overnight. Sorry for the outage.
  12. Has all the extra interest in Neighbours recently, killed the Archive?
  13. The episode summaries are down again.
  14. That is it sorted now @birdman. Thanks for alerting us to the fact it was down.
  15. Neighboursepisodes.com is still down from this morning.
  16. That is the episode due to air in Australia today pinned.
  17. Understandable, and I appreciate anything to help.
  18. Unfortunately not and we had the same date issue when the UK was behind too but we were still using the same thread for all comments.
  19. That would be good. Is there any way the dates could be changed/added so we can look for the Aussie date? I understand if that's difficult, just wondering, but pinning would work too.
  20. I'll start that from tomorrow when I bring the new thread into that Aussie area.
  21. That might be a good idea for anyone who loses track of the days.
  22. Would it help if I pinned the latest thread in the Aussie area so that folk know what the episode airing that day is?
  23. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I was trying to go by date order but got confused a second time. Still, I have read now and thanks again!
  24. Believe me when I say this: I get it. Even though the UK was behind for the best part of 30+ years, I never got used to the day it aired here vs. the day the episode was labelled. It doesn’t help when threads move about and you can’t track date order.
  25. Thanks @Benji It's v. confusing with the delay.
  26. I think you want Wednesday 19th, which is in the Aus discussion thread.
  27. Not sure here is the right place to ask but... I'm wanting to read the discussion for tonight's Aus episode (the one with the memorial). Help? I can't find it in the Aus or UK posts.
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