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  2. Sorry, I didn't realise we were off - I've been visiting family.
  3. We could do with someone sticking a tenner in the metre today😅
  4. Thanks for the 8624 summary, LIam, just letting you know it says "Episode: 8621" at the top. :)

    1. wizardt™


      Whoops! Cheers, it's sorted now. :)

  5. Dear Gaynor,

    the first 7 headers for new summary 2163 seem to have got all mixed up together, while the Guest Cast and the Summariser are missing.

    Please don't reply to me, as I get tech problems with this. :)

  6. Curious would you write a Mal and Jade fanfic?

    1. Rick182


      Afraid not.. I don't really have the time

  7. Well done to everyone who was involved in putting the summaries together. You are doing a brilliant job!
  8. I wanted to highlight that the 2020 season has been fully summarised and fully screencapped, with all 260 episodes added to the archive. You can view the season by clicking this link: Neighbours Episodes Summaries: 2020 season I wanted to extend a huge thank you to all of the summarisers - @Tracy C, @Carly, @Clare, @Col, @wizardt™, @Skylover , @eviltwin, @Sayaka. I also wanted to extend an equally huge thank you to @Graham for all of the caps, and to @Sayaka for all of the work on the archive. Anyone who has summarised or capped in the past for us will know what an incre
  9. I like the sound of that half one as for some parts of a post you want to give a reaction, but perhaps not for the other parts in it. In fact, I might go try it out on a post I was reading this morning.
  10. Following the discussion in Comments and Suggestions, I've made some changes to the reactions and their reputation values. The new options are: Like Love Thanks Haha Sad Hug Half agree Confused All icons, apart from Confused, earn the poster a reputation point of +1. If you 'half agree' with someone, it would be great if you could post a reply and expand on the discussion, talking about what you agreed/disagreed with in their post. We'll see how they go - as always, feedback is welcome.
  11. yeah it works well
  12. Sorry, didn't see this earlier @Hawker. This part is the edit. It seems fine now. No edit details at the bottom.
  13. @J Bar - Hey Jim, thanks for reporting. For my peace of mind, please can you test it on another message? I just want to rule out any potential problems - feel free to make any messages in here to test with. There's been no change of setting, but I did make a silent board upgrade the other night and I'm just wondering if it's affected it.
  14. Yes there was a change in the title of that episode - when that is done, it appears at the bottom of the thread.
  15. Has the silent edit been changed again?
  16. Thank you to everyone for the summarising and capping this year. I am amazed how msny summaries people manage to fit into a month!
  17. 100% - the efforts to keep the archive updated year on year are phenomenal, so a huge thank you to all those who summarise and cap, and to @Sayaka for all the archiving efforts. Thanks also to those summarisers who knocked off the early years at the start of lockdown - we are far closer to completion than ever before. 🙌 🥳
  18. I just wanted to say a massive thank you to those who have summarised in 2020 and to @Graham for capping, and also keeping the current episode numbers updated on the front of the archive. Also those who have capped historical episodes. Their efforts week in week out are very much appreciated!
  19. Marvellous, I'm pleased to hear that - and thank you again for the suggestions.
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