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  3. Can you empty you inbox so I can message you.

  4. Much appreciated, thanks Ed
  5. I have just upgraded to doing a £10 monthly donation while I'm able to, thanks!
  6. Hi... my name is Bridie and as a child was very fortunate to grow up walking distance to where Neighbours is filmed.. back when I was young I frequently ran into Kylie and all the Producers who would give my sister and I their coats as it got dark as we watched them film.... as we frequented the street way before security got involved. It's a lovely neighbourhood with my primary and secondary school walking distance. Fast forward 40 years and my family home is about to be listed for sale. I don't know the exact details yet but can find out which real estate is handling it.. but the address is in Wildwood Ave Vermont South. I grew up here.. it's so sad to see it go. So many amazing memories. But if you know someone wanting to move to Australia near the "Neighbours" street.. with amazing views in a very quiet neighbourhood.. let me know.. bridienorton@yahoo.com The auction is apparently set for the 1st of June. We still have to pack up the home.. but in the meantime... I can send you the details of the auction as they come to hand. If u have an Instagram or fb link please email me and I can add to that also. Thanks for your time. Please feel free to share wherever you'd like. Cheers from Bridie ..
  7. Donated. Thank you for everything you do
  8. No worries, I can wait. I always head here almost as soon as my computer is on most days. Just thought I should mention it
  9. Sorry, I don't have the rights to look into it and as you know Sal isn't well. I'm sure she'll have a look when she is able
  10. I don't seem to be getting email notifications since the upgrade.
  11. Wishing Sal well, and hope she continue to progress well.
  12. Donated. Sorry to hear about Sal and I wish her all the very best and hope she continues to make good progress. Having my own ongoing medical problems, I fully appreciate how hard it can be and frustrating that things don't always improve as quickly as you would like. Sal, just take one day at a time and don't try to get too far ahead of yourself. Thanks for everything you have done for NeighboursFans over the years, it is a great place with a lovely atmosphere. Athough I don't post much I like to read others thoughts on the episodes etc.. Hope to see you back here as soon as you feel able. Take care.
  13. Thanks Ray - you've been here a long time: I consider your posts an important part of the fabric of this board and I enjoy them...even if they are a bit outside the box at times
  14. Done. I was disappointed to read that Sal isn’t better, yet, but I’m also happy to hear she is making some improvement, even if it is slow going. I really hope she continues to make progress over the coming year(s).
  15. Must reading this now, so sorry to hear! I'll definitely donate something - even if it's viewed as compensation for having to put with my posts This will be payday in 5 days Wishing Sal a speedy recovery! When Phil did return I thought there was someone on here who loved him and thought they'd maybe left the forum or didn't watch anymore. Hopefully Sal still got to enjoy those episodes.
  16. I’ve donated too. I’m also unwell at the moment and not able to work as much as I used to, so I completely understand. By the way, I think it’s great that people’s donation amounts are private - no-one has the right to judge anyone else on how much or how little they donate, as we don’t know people’s circumstances. However, it would be nice to see a running total of how much has been raised.
  17. Completely understand. Meant to say I'd donated. The board has really helped me over the years.
  18. I’m very sorry to hear about Sal and am happy to donate.
  19. Done! Thinking of you, Sal, and wishing you all the future health and happiness! Your hard work, time and passion in creating this wonderful community is never something I've taken lightly, even if my viewing habits have been erratic over the years. I wouldn't change it for the world, and we wouldn't change you for the world either! Happy to help! Lovely of you to organise this, Gaynor!
  20. Yes there was something way back, around 2007 or something, but Invision discontinued the plugin
  21. Have confirmed with Sal this is still fine She also says thank you very much she really appreciates you donating all these years
  22. Done and done. Hope your recovery picks up Sal and thank you for everything you've done to make this site.
  23. Done! Love the site. Love the show. No brainer. Thoughts with Sal and lots of thanks for creating this community.
  24. Thanks matey, you can continue as you are I think, but I will check with Sal when I speak to her
  25. Sending get well wishes, hugs and positive thoughts Sal. Thinking of you as well. A few years ago did we pay to have an avatar to raise funds for the board? Or am I imagining that?
  26. Wishing @Hawker all the best and have donated to the cause. Thanks @Sayakafor the update and for organising this. I can't offer a huge amout of technical knowhow but will endeavour to contribute financially when I can. Just please don't make me go back to Digital Spy
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