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  4. Its football not soccer!  Too right! :clap:

  5. I should be cracking on with a mass EastEnders catch up, yet I'm here listening to a bunch of music

  6. Had a dream last night of Madge saying how on earth did such a mad woman like Morag Bellingham become a judge.

  7. Former Coronation St boss Kate Oates is taking over EastEnders. Best news ever!

  8. I wish we got to see Mrs Mangel play grandma to Toby and Sky!.

  9. Will the Real Dee please stand up?

    1. Skylover


      Can I have your attention please? 😆

  10. I want to go back to Barbados :)

  11. I have to admit to loving trying sweets my parents refused to let me try as a kid (too much sugar.)  Ring pops, skittles.  Any others?

  12. Hawker

    @Mrs Clog Thanks to Chloe for pointing this one out to me.
  13. Hawker

    You may have noticed that we've been running on HTTPS for a long time - really sorry that there was an errant piece of mixed content that was causing an error to show; I've updated this, and you should now see Secure in your browser. Please make sure you use the https: prefix when visiting the site, instead of the generic http: prefix - and please update any bookmarks you may hold.
  14. Hawker

    You'll all be aware of GDPR by now, I am sure. I've made some changes to privacy policy, guidelines, and terms and conditions of the site. I'd appreciate it if you'd cast your eyes over them. In short, hopefully you all know me quite well by now - we've been online for 17.5 years, and 13 of those have been under this domain. I am extremely "old school" when it comes to the web; I believe in a site that's free of advertising, I don't believe in spam, I don't believe in sharing user data etc. I believe in having a friendly, healthy, happy place to chat to each other - and if you get to a point where you decide you no longer want to be a participant on the site, and if you'd rather your message history was anonymised, then that's absolutely fine by me. Drop me a line, or if I'm absent then drop someone on the Staff a line, and they'll get in touch with me, and we'll make those changes for you. If you have any issues or queries about your user data, then do feel free to contact me - I'm sure we can resolve whatever concerns you have. But, seriously, you all mean a lot to me...I have no intention of selling your data on or misusing it in any shape or form (I don't even send bulk e-mails; frankly, I haven't got the time) - but if you rather it wasn't here, just shout up, and we can erase you. If you want a copy of what data we hold of yours (such as username, email address, known IP addresses, known devices, opt in details), then that can also be arranged.
  15. I would love to had seen Hilary Robinson  and Faye Hudson in screen together.  I just can imagine Hilary calling Faye Common Nutcase!. 

    1. Bretto


      HILARY: You are a common nutcase, Faye Hudson!

      FAYE: Take a hike, Snobby Poppins!

  16. Love your new avatar :) 

    1. Atli


      Thanks, I really liked that scene :D 

  17. Hi Ian.


    I just saw your post about Infinity War and I'm glad you liked it. I was just wondering what your favourite parts of the film were?


    I partly ask so I can talk about the film a bit with someone else who's seen it. It's fine if you don't want to. Just thought I'd ask.


    Best wishes,


    1. iank



      I don't know, probably like I said the stuff with the Guardians of the Galaxy characters (they had a much bigger role and it was much more important for them than I thought it would be, almost to the point of it being Guardians 3!) and Tony Stark, just cause I've always liked him. ;) 



    2. james laurie

      james laurie

      Theres no such thing as original Cody Willis because there was only Cody Willis and she was played by amazing  Amelia Frid,

  18. Hawker

    Hi, Just a note to say that I upgraded the forums this evening. A few bits and pieces to be done, but hopefully you like the new features and updates. Any questions, drop me a line in this thread and I'll try and address any queries.
  19. Can you please stop bumping threads for no reason?

  20. Wonder if Davo would stand up for me? lol

  21. Hi mate, I'm really sorry to continually pester you but there's something I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on, when you have the time. You make insightful posts which I enjoy reading and always have a interesting perspective .





    I made that thread months ago and you state that Tyler had confidence issues which was reflected through his interactions with women. I was just hoping you could elaborate on that (when you feel up to it :blushing:)


    Its just that I've usually viewed him as confident when engaging with women and he's my fave character so I'm disappointed he's left, talking about him makes me feel better.

  22. hi mate, love to hear your thoughts in this thread :)



  23. Would love to see memorable uploads such as the 2004 Lassiters Fire. Sure it's not HD but I would love to see Neighbours upload it to youtube.

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    2. CodyWillisFan92


      I'd stopped watching by 2007 anyway so I'm not fussed but I feel for fans of that era :)

    3. Rachmc09


      I wasn't a real fan as I was a fan of the FunBus era but it helped me watch something different to pass the time.

    4. CodyWillisFan92


      maybe they'll stop being so anal about rights one day so we'll both get the eras we want :) 

  24. What's on my mind? Ben's hairy legs. SO HAIRY!

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