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  2. Thanks for the clarification. Guess I haven’t been paying attention, or maybe I saw it and didn’t know what it did. Now I do, and it’s very easy to use.
  3. Ahhh, I should've mentioned this - bbcode has been deprecated. Essentially, that's any code which uses the square brackets - e.g. [b] [I] etc. That's always been the staple of forum software since the Millennium, but the WYSIWYG Richtext editor is much more powerful these days, so the decision was made to quietly deprecate it. The only irritation with the Spoiler tag is that there's no shortcut to it (whereas bold, italic etc all use the standard keyboard shortcuts). And yes, @Benji the functionality has been in for a few versions now - so a couple of years. There was a scre
  4. I can't swear by it - I have a feeling it wasn't there in the last board iteration, but it may have been there on previous ones. I'm vague about it because I've always used the tags, but it's not entirely new to me, I think. Or possibly it was there on Back to the Bay but not here?
  5. Jez

    Upgrade - 22/09

    Nice upgrade. A very clean and fresh look.
  6. Was that there before? I so did not know you could do that! Much easier (on a mobile device) than typing.
  7. Last week
  8. They don't seem to be working with the brackets/code, but you can highlight the spoilery text and then use the button with the eye icon to put a spoiler box on.
  9. [spoiler]Are spoilers still working?[/spoiler] ETA: Confused.com
  10. Yeah, it's definitely a bit of a change. I think it looks better on some mobile resolutions than others. I'll keep an eye on what's out there for changes moving forward.
  11. I am really pleased to see post count next to members' posts again, I have missed that feature. I also really like the '3 weeks later' feature for threads which have long gaps in time between posts.
  12. I'm liking the new look very much as well!
  13. Unfortunately support for IE is being dropped from most (non-Microsoft) major suppliers. I understand the decision was made by the creators of Invision because a great number of web standards are not supported by IE, which makes it very difficult to code for - you end up with an ancient looking site because developments and features from the past 15+ years are just not supported. I realise that it's very difficult if IE is forced upon you by corporate ICT infrastructure (if it's a work device), although even Microsoft is dropping IE support over the next 12 months, as they've moved
  14. Thanks for the screenshot - here's how they should display: As @wizardt™ has explained, this is not a failing of the board software, but it is due to your PC running an outdated version of Windows. I appreciate it's difficult if it's a work PC, but if it's a home PC, you should be able to upgrade to Windows 10 for free with your Windows 7 licence key - but obviously, I'll leave that decision with you.
  15. Col

    Upgrade - 22/09

    Thanks @Hawker - love the new look
  16. Col

    Upgrade - 22/09

    😂 Emojis look fine to me
  17. @Rick182 Not sure if this is right, but according to Google: So I'd say that's not a board issue, it's because you're seeing the standard Unicode emoji set in the way they would usually look on your (pre-Windows 10) OS. You can still access an awful lot of non-standard emojis via the 'smiley face' menu at the top of the post preview, as ever (I'm sure these aren't showing for you as black and white):
  18. They are meant to be yellow, and not with serrated edges as per Rick’s screen shot. His are white (except for the cat emojis which are black). And the emojis Hawker posted are standard iPhone ones which have a smoother appearance compared to the old board ones that you posted above (that have the serrated edges). I haven’t used desktop to view this site for years and had forgotten what it looks likes. That screen shot is like a vintage time capsule for me. 😆
  19. That is how they are meant to look. And I wouldn't want them to be any bigger either, we are on the board to read what has been said, not look at some 'huge' emoji! However, you could always increase the size of your internet page so that it appears bigger that way!
  20. I like the fresh new look of the upgrade on my laptop. It just looks a bit strange on my Android phone having the avatars and name at the top middle of each post, with a lot of space around it. I guess I'll get used it.
  21. I love the new look forum, it looks great. 👍👏
  22. It doesn't appear to be compatible with Internet Explorer, but then I appear to be the only person still using that.
  23. It's fine it's not a big issue for me
  24. The topic changed so suddenly then, I fear I have whiplash. Is the emoji issue resolved?
  25. Why not fill the header of the forum with pictures of characters.... instead of just blank white
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