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  4. Sayaka

    I think I have now fixed most things, please let me know if you see any error messages (post the link here so I can investigate )
  5. Hawker

    Through necessity, we're making some changes to the back end of the Episodes site. Whilst the majority of the work has already taken place (so you will see no difference in loading the individual episodes themselves), it may mean that a few areas of the site might be inaccessible for a period of time. All features will be returning in due course. Thank you for your patience and understanding whilst this is worked on. If you have any questions, please let me know.
  6. stripeydani

    Who in particular? I'd really like my Timmins brothers avatar back if you can do that ❤️
  7. Kate Ramsay

    Indeed I asked nicely for a Kate Avatar
  8. Tracy C

    You can't (there is an issue behind the scene with the board software), but if you ask very nicely, a management angel might be able to help sort you out!
  9. stripeydani

    Ever since the last site update my avatar has disappeared and I can't seem to figure out how to add a new one! Any help? 😧
  10. Barney

    I'll add my thanks to those above. I really appreciate the resource and all the work that goes into keeping ti up, running and updated.
  11. Clare

    Thanks @Sayaka and @Hawker for getting it up and running again.
  12. Tracy C

    Thanks for all you and @Hawker have done to get it back up and running.
  13. Sayaka

    OK, should be back on now. We'll see how it goes.
  14. Sayaka

    Archive seems to be OK - the host has clearly done something without admitting it, because it's back up with no changes to code from me! I'm taking the opportunity to do some routine maintenance, so I'm keeping it down for now, but it should be back up shortly after I've finished Try tomorrow morning
  15. Atli

    If you sort by 'start date' the summary threads appear in chronological order.
  16. Tracy C

    No, you can sort them by however you want, you just need to sort them yourself using the tools available.
  17. Bagpuss

    I don't think so, @Alicen - if I'm recalling correctly if you sort by title you'll get 1st January first - I don't think it changes the order if you click on title again. Edit - can you see 'custom' when you click on sort, or is that an Admin thing?
  18. Alicen

    Is it possible to sort them by title with the most recent at the top?
  19. Tracy C

    If you are looking for current summaries though, they are up in the episode summary area.
  20. Allie1981

    Thanks for confirming, I just wasn't sure If there was an error at my end. I will try again next week some time.
  21. Sayaka

    It will not be back up before the weekend and possibly not for a while after. I am on holiday and Sal is working long hours. It is a particularly complex problem and involves the host who is in a different timezone which is making communication long winded.
  22. Bagpuss

    Hi. Thanks for your post. We are aware of this problem and it will be fixed in due course. To anyone else who reads this - please do not keep refreshing the site. If it's not up when you try, try again the next day. If I am aware that it's back up, I'll update this post.
  23. Does anybody know if there is a problem with neighboursepisodes.com? For the last couple of days I just keep getting an error message. Thanks
  24. Graham

    Yes, the board Admin are aware of this.
  25. birdman

    Thanks Tracy. I think the entire episode summaries page is down for the moment? I keep getting this: Resource Limit Is Reached The website is temporarily unable to service your request as it exceeded resource limit. Please try again later.
  26. Tracy C

    I'll pass the info onto Gaynor and she can amend.
  27. birdman

    Not sure who to put this to but just reading some episode summaries from 1986 and notice the following episodes have the same Australian air date: episodes 333 & 334.
  28. Hi Adam,


    I'm looking for some of the incidental music used in the early days of programme. Particularly that used when Scott and Charlene first meet and the theme tune from episode 1 and 171 (upon the arrival on Channel 10). I'm wondering if you know whether it can be found in a library somewhere? Or whether you have any copies yourself? 


    Best wishes,


    1. Adam


      Hi Mike,


      I have just sent you a PM. :)


      Best wishes,



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