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  1. I should be cracking on with a mass EastEnders catch up, yet I'm here listening to a bunch of music

  2. Former Coronation St boss Kate Oates is taking over EastEnders. Best news ever!

  3. I want to go back to Barbados :)

  4. Love your new avatar :) 

    1. Atli


      Thanks, I really liked that scene :D 

  5. Ian I tried to send you a private message but it won't let me - is your inbox full?

  6. Jai Waetford just liked my tweet :p

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Skylover


      I was so pleased! :) he's such a talent :D

    3. UKfans


      He is! :)


      I make a lot of screencaps of various Neighbours characters and posted them on http://forums.auscelebs.net/viewforum.php?f=75 My username there is Idon'tbelieveit


      If you would like to request any, just let me know! I can do them in HD since Channel 5 HD is now available on Freeview! :))

    4. Skylover
  7. Skylover

    That is a fantastic achievement, Gaynor! Well done! I look forward to reading them
  8. Skylover

    Congratulations Long live Neighbours and NeighboursFans
  9. Skylover

  10. Skylover

    Thank you! I didn't realise how incomplete my life would feel without the board until itwas ripped away! Great to be back!
  11. Skylover

    Only just seen this. Belated Happy Birthday to the board! I love it here
  12. Skylover

    No problem - it's a privilege to be a member on such a great site!
  13. Skylover

    Ah, think I've done it now. Has it gone through ok?
  14. Skylover

    I only just realised my subscription ran out months ago, what's the easiest way to re-subscribe?
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