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  1. I love the silent editing feature. I edit most of my posts because there's usually something I want to add or correct as soon as I've posted.
  2. Congratulations on 5000 posts!

    1. eviltwin


      Thanks Ed! Wow I didn't even realise. Should have done something special to mark the occasion. 

  3. Someone mentioned in Spoilers you can change the view of the thread to 'portrait' so it removes the pictures etc in the top right hand corner? Could anyone advise how you do this, please?
  4. [spoiler]Are spoilers still working?[/spoiler] ETA: Confused.com
  5. I am really pleased to see post count next to members' posts again, I have missed that feature. I also really like the '3 weeks later' feature for threads which have long gaps in time between posts.
  6. Hi, how are you, not seen you around for a while.

    1. AirJordanFan93


      I'm still around and check the forum daily. Just not many topics that interest me enough to post in them.

  7. Congrats on reaching 10,000 Likes @Skylover 😀

    1. Skylover


      Haha thanks mate! 

  8. I keep getting this message when I try and post sometimes. Is the forum booting me off for using it too much?
  9. I've only been here just shy of 14 years so I guess that makes me a relative newcomer
  10. Thanks Sal I've noticed the board is a bit slow at the moment but I assume it's just adjusting to the new server...
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