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  1. I don't know if you're aware or not but both The OC and One Tree Hill are on ITV2.

    1. Skylover


      Yes, should I watch??!

  2. Neighbuzz just worked for me now too I've tried it with some other threads that didn't bring any results up either.
  3. I've noticed I can't seem to search properly for threads anymore. For example, I was just looking for the Neighbuzz thread but when you type Neighbuzz nothing comes up in the search bar. I am finding threads by putting them in alphabetical order but I didn't know if I was doing something wrong or if anyone else was having this issue?
  4. Liking the badges. I'm surprised by how many members come here daily!
  5. Thanks for doing that @benjy
  6. That's excellent. I also really like the 'Our Picks' section which I noticed last night.
  7. He looks like he has edema.
  8. And who'd have thought you'd end up so gobby? Have all the iPhone emojis gone for good now then? I just realised I can no longer use the laughing crying iPhone face
  9. Yeah, I like the classic ones too
  10. Stuck on a night shift :(

  11. Don't feel intimidated We're all pretty chilled here I think. Would be good to see more posts, I post way more than I should
  12. Thanks! No trip to Barbados??
  13. Thanks. So what does Grand Master mean and what's the significance of 14/14? And what's the top 1% you're talking about, I can't see anything about that?
  14. Oh, I'd quite like the polls to stay where they are because I like seeing all the polls together and like going back to look at them. But maybe I'm in the minority with that. I just hope Character Discussion stays as I like having discussion about characters in a different section too. What is this and how do you see it please?
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