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  1. I get it now. Just think that I’m Mark Brennan and @benjy is Billy Kennedy. Also, I’m the Sunset Beach fan!
  2. ‘Un’? Now I’m confused @daydreambeliever.
  3. That’s so cool @benjy. Awesome job.
  4. It’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for. Or so the cliché goes. I really liked that one. Now looks like this: Which isn’t so bad, I guess. I’m getting used to them.
  5. No. It recognised the word ‘orthodoxy’ and did not autocorrect, so therefore iPhone is the “Grand Master” of smartphones. Guess I will have to get used to Android’s blob emojis now. @Starmaker73 Just remember that us “Grand Masters” all started from the same place as yourself. It took me so long to find my voice and to step into threads and post.
  6. If you click on the ‘badges earned’ it will take you to a list of all the badges. The top will tell you your percentage. You can also access it by clicking on the icon in your avatar that appears when you post.
  7. Talk about aiming high! I was thinking a selection of Belgian chocolates, but a fully paid for trip to Barbados would also do I suppose.
  8. If you click on the ‘recent badges’ on your profile it will take you to a list of all your badges earned and where you rank. There appears to be 14 posting levels to achieve, and the Grand Master is the highest level (until Sal invents some new ones ). I guess it’s designed to get people posting more to rise in the ranks. We don’t actually win a prize.
  9. If you click your profile name and scroll down, you should see it towards the bottom. It will tell you your ranking. I’m 100% sure you are a Grand Master. The icon also displays on your avatar, too (we’re the ones with the crown ). ETA: I see the emojis display in an Android style now. @wizardt™ will be pleased. Bye-bye iPhone style emojis.
  10. I like the idea of merging the Off Topic subsections, as some of them do seem a little unloved these days. It might also help flag up new threads in areas one might miss when separated as they are. I wonder if it could work having a ‘General Chat’ and ‘Entertainment’ subsections as those seem to have the most traffic? With regards to ‘polls’: was that originally created so NChat wasn’t overrun with polls? If merging them together again created more participation with polls then it could be a good idea. I’ve seen the ‘achievements/rankings’ feature on other boards, and it’s nice to see that including this hasn’t reset everything like it did on another board. I see I’m in the top 1% which is cool, but I wonder what the next stage is for us Grand Masters? I also wonder if this is what all those billionaires and trillionaires ponder being part of the 1% club.
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