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  1. Sorry, didn't see this earlier @Hawker. This part is the edit. It seems fine now. No edit details at the bottom.
  2. Has the silent edit been changed again?
  3. Hi Sal @Hawker. Just noticed the silent edit has been added, when I made a couple of corrections to my post. It works brilliantly. It's a great feature. Thanks heaps. Cheers, Jim.
  4. @Hawker Hi Sal. Sorry I didn't see your response here earlier. I'm a member of another similar site Media Spy. They have the Edit option at the bottom, next to the Quote button, which is why it causes so much confusion for me. I'm starting to get used it on this site now, so while I'm still accidentally clicking on the Quote button when I mean to Edit, at least I'm not accidentally posting them any more. Yes this could be good. One thing Media Spy does well is that it has a rubbish bin icon so you can delete a post without anyone seeing it. You also have grace period of a
  5. There's another small issue that I've been struggling with, Sal @Hawker. The Edit option was at the bottom of the post next to Quote. It has now moved to a drop down menu in More Options top right (...). I keep hitting the Quote button and making the changes, then saving it. So I end up with a second post and then I can't delete it. I've noticed a few other people are doing the same thing and we're seeing double posts until a moderator deletes it. I'm sure we'll eventually get used to it but to save on errors, any chance we can have the Edit feature restored to the bottom of a p
  6. It's perfect now on my mobile. Thanks heaps for all efforts Sal @Hawker.
  7. I like the fresh new look of the upgrade on my laptop. It just looks a bit strange on my Android phone having the avatars and name at the top middle of each post, with a lot of space around it. I guess I'll get used it.
  8. Can you please stop bumping threads for no reason?

  9. Given you Sydneysider I thought u be fan of H&A! 

    1. J Bar

      J Bar

      Wash your mouth out. :p Never.

  10. is off to Europe today, for a couple of months. :)

    1. Graham
    2. Tracy C

      Tracy C

      Hope you are having a great time JBar.

  11. just says No! to recycled storylines.

  12. dislikes Sonya's lies.

  13. hates retcons on Neighbours.

  14. I feel dumber having watched the Commonwealh Games cliffhanger. :p

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