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  1. Gotcha now! I will go alert the appropriate people
  2. Not sure if Sal has "tinkered" since you posted, but they're working okay for me currently.
  3. Thanks for flagging that up. 1311 should be the 15th October. Gaynor will change it when she has a moment.
  4. I like the sound of that half one as for some parts of a post you want to give a reaction, but perhaps not for the other parts in it. In fact, I might go try it out on a post I was reading this morning.
  5. Yes there was a change in the title of that episode - when that is done, it appears at the bottom of the thread.
  6. Looks just like any other method now. Thanks Sal
  7. That has been gone for a long time - it just shows how long ago someone made a post
  8. If you turn your device portrait style it looks as before. Its only on landscape mode do you see the new version.
  9. Click that link and change your settings
  10. That is how they are meant to look. And I wouldn't want them to be any bigger either, we are on the board to read what has been said, not look at some 'huge' emoji! However, you could always increase the size of your internet page so that it appears bigger that way!
  11. I never knew that was how you got emoji's Sal! <learn something new every day>
  12. We will certainly make sure there are no spoilers in the episode threads, so that anyone can look in years to come (as someone is currently doing!) and read the summary/look at the comments and not be spoilt by knowing what comes in future episode(s).
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