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    Steph, Charlie, Summer and Libby.
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  1. I'll let Gaynor know so she can do some editing.
  2. Yes we just have 2 more summaries to go and then every one has been summarised.
  3. Thanks for the heads up and I've let Sal know.
  4. That is one great feature of the archive is being able to search for things either to refresh your memory or if someone is looking for an answer to a query.
  5. What a fantastic achievement and so glad to be able to contribute to this.
  6. I heard back from Sal and she did a reboot yesterday but there is some "tinkering" going on behind the scenes which might have meant it didn't work. I'm using chrome and its okay on there, so maybe give that a go until the "tinkering" is finished and another reboot can be carried out.
  7. Sorry, I've been off doing the summary. Its still working fine for me but I'll let Sal know.
  8. Its working okay for me just now. And it was okay earlier this morning when I used it.
  9. Sal is aware of it and we’re waiting for the hosts to do something (technical term! ).
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