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  1. That is how they are meant to look. And I wouldn't want them to be any bigger either, we are on the board to read what has been said, not look at some 'huge' emoji! However, you could always increase the size of your internet page so that it appears bigger that way!
  2. I never knew that was how you got emoji's Sal! <learn something new every day>
  3. We will certainly make sure there are no spoilers in the episode threads, so that anyone can look in years to come (as someone is currently doing!) and read the summary/look at the comments and not be spoilt by knowing what comes in future episode(s).
  4. Aye, my life would be a lot different if it weren't for this place and the folk I have met/become friends with.
  5. Yes, e.com closed and we were the offshoot
  6. Quite ironic given Sky is currently back onscreen!
  7. Sal the miracle worker!
  8. Testing times for us all just now
  9. Thanks Sal for your hard work and patience getting us back online Certainly today, the stuff that was causing issues seem to be behaving better today.
  10. I noticed when I posted the summary tonight, that the preview shot (last button on the RHS) didn't work tonight. Not sure if it is temporary with loading issues or is a glitch.
  11. Tracy C


    Thanks for the heads up Do we know what time the shutdown will begin?
  12. We’re from Tigerland this year!

  13. Tracy C


    You can't (there is an issue behind the scene with the board software), but if you ask very nicely, a management angel might be able to help sort you out!
  14. Thanks for all you and @Hawker have done to get it back up and running.
  15. No, you can sort them by however you want, you just need to sort them yourself using the tools available.
  16. If you are looking for current summaries though, they are up in the episode summary area.
  17. I'll pass the info onto Gaynor and she can amend.
  18. Nothing like a good thunderstorm! 🌩️

    1. Barney




      Envy!!!! I've just finished the ironing and have lost about  a glassful of fluid ...  It's still 30 degrees outside, and is 28 deg indoors - the highest it's been so far indoors.


      I need an OJ ice lolly from the freezer....

    2. Tracy C

      Tracy C

      We had thunderstorms for most of the evening last night.  Has cleared the air though as its definitely less muggy.  While everyone else has as significant drop in temp today, we're not much down it would appear.

    3. The Original Scott

      The Original Scott

      We seem to of dodged the thunderstorms here in Durham! Only one short shower yesterday but in nearby Sunderland they were flooded heavily.

  19. Happy Gothenburg Day :D 

    1. Atli


      What's that Tracy?

    2. Tracy C

      Tracy C

      11th May is when Aberdeen beat the mighty Real Madrid in the European Cup Winners Cup final in 1983.



  20. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 OMG at tonight’s game!

  21. YES!!!!! 🔴🔴🔴

  22. YES!!!! 🔴🔴🔴

  23. Thanks Gaynor. Them were the days as they say as we tried to work out the Joel/Flick relationship! Or what Emily was up to with blankie!
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