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Our Rules:

The most important things you can do are to be nice and have fun!

A bit of clarification for you:

1. All opinions on Neighbours are welcome - positive, negative or indifferent. All opinions, without exception, should be expressed in a respectful manner and suitable for a PG-13 audience.

2. Don't make offensive comments about anyone - character, actor or member. If you wish to disagree with an opinion, go for it - but please focus on the debate in hand and not on the poster.

3. Please post properly. We expect you to use punctuation (capital letters and full stops) and we don't wish to see txt/SMS language in your posts.

4. Don't join the board more than once. If you have a problem with your account, please contact a member of Staff. If you wish to change your name, please contact one of the Management team. If you are caught with two accounts, you will be banned. You're supposed to talk to other people, not yourself!

5. Please do not ignore warnings from the Staff.  They speak for the Management and are acting on our wishes.  Rather than argue in a thread, if you have a serious problem with a Staff member, please feel free to contact a member of the Management team to discuss it.

6. We do not pass your data to anyone else.  If you no longer wish to be a member of this site, please contact us and we will delete all of your account information.  This will cause your posts to appear as if they were made by an anonymous person, instead of being associated with your username.  

7. We do not send bulk e-mails.  The only e-mails you will receive are ones that you sign up to in your account, and these can be modified at any time.  If you require any help with this, please ask - we're more than happy to help you.

The rules are here to make sure that the board runs smoothly - not to ruin anyone's fun. By using this messageboard, you agree to these rules. If you don't understand a rule, ask a Staff member for further clarification.

Please also make sure you check out the Frequently Asked Questions forum.

Thanks for joining in!

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