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  1. Hi,

    I added you as a friend. Hope you don't mind. Have a beautiful day! xx Paris =]

  2. I like your new usename!

  3. Elin


    For concrete examples to tell apart enhanced and non-enhanced avatars have a look at this post four posts earlier in this thread.
  4. Elin


    I just wanted to let those who have sent in avatars over the past two and a half weeks know that your avatars haven't been forgotten. It's just that I've had to be offline for a couple of weeks due to health issues so have only just been able to come back online. I'll upload and get back to you as I can over the next few days (hopefully).
  5. Elin

    Board Upgraded

    Harold/Lou and Steph/Libby have done a lot to deserve their separate sections!
  6. Elin


    It's been a while since sent-in avatars have been uploaded as I have been away on holiday for two weeks, but now they should all be up. I just want to remind everyone that sends in again to please follow the instructions in this thread before sending. Most people who sent in this time had forgotten something or other, but if you refer back to this thread to check that you've done it all then it makes things a lot easier to upload and they will go up more quickly too. Here's a refresher of the list of things to keep in mind when it comes to avatars that you want uploaded: Avatars must be 20kb or under and should be 100x100 pixels in size. Avatars can only be made from screencaps or photos you have taken yourself (e.g. pics from a Neighbours Quiz Night etc). No avatars made from magazine/official pics will be uploaded. If we're in doubt whether or not it's an official pic we might ask you for clarification of whether or not it's a screencap. No avatars made from screencaps of episodes that haven't aired in the UK will be uploaded until they're no longer spoilery. You may want to wait until an episode has aired in the UK before you send them in for this reason. Please label avatars before sending them in. The correct way to do this is to name them e.g. Lyn Scully04 or HoylandCharlie12 for a single character, or in alphabetical order for multiple characters e.g. AnneJanelle01 or HaroldLouValda23. In certain cases this system doesn't work such as for this avatar which is called 'Cassie'sFuneral01'. If you have an avatar that you would like to see uploaded, but don't know what to call it please post in this thread and we'll help you name it. Please check in the avatar folders to see what the number for your avatar will be. Keep in mind whether or not your avatar should go up in the unenhanced folder or the enhanced folder as the numbers will be different. Unenhanced avatars are those that only have different colouring to the original image.Enhanced avatars are those with text, brushes and other additions included as well as all black-and-white avatars. Examples of unenhanced avatars: #1, #2, #3. Examples of enhanced avatars: #1, #2, #3. And just a few tips for how to make it as easy for everyone as possible when you send them in: Email avatars to: neighboursfans@gmail.com When you send in the avatars please don't just send a list of the avatars you want uploaded. That means we have to go hunting around the board to find them and takes ages. Instead, please attach them one by one to the e-mail message (no zip files, thanks!). It's fine to send up to 15 avatars in the one message. Please don't send in too many avatars of the same character/pairing/group within a short time span. It's one thing if you send in say five of a character that has no avatars up in the galleries yet, but then don't send another batch of ten in the next week of the same character/pairing/group. Once your avatar(s) has been uploaded you'll find it in the appropriate folder in the galleries. Most of the time you'll get an e-mail back (usually from me) to say that the upload is completed. If you've forgotten one of the directions above you'll get an e-mail to say so with an explanation of what you need to do before you re-submit the icon for uploading, e.g. re-size it from 25kb to 20kb or less. If anyone's got any questions or problems regarding this, don't be afraid to ask us about it. We're all very friendly people.
  7. Fab stuff, Gaynor. A very impressive achievement.
  8. Elin

    Board Upgraded

    Sophie, I've had the exact same experience as you with the 'View new posts' thingy and think you've done well to explain your point in this thread. For me it's changed from saying something like '100 new posts' when I log on every morning to '300 new posts', but I didn't think about it much as I'm happy that function is working at all.
  9. Elin

    Board Upgraded

    Thanks for the upgrade, Sal.
  10. Elin


    I just wanted to post to say that all avatars sent in over the past week have now been uploaded. There was a bit of a backlog as I've had some computer issues and RL getting in the way recently. But from now on I should be back to checking the inbox most days again.
  11. Are recently submitted quotes checked for duplicates before they're added? I submitted this quote: two weeks ago and another one that's the same was still accepted earlier tonight. Just wondering what the procedure is since it's bound to happen again.
  12. Elin

    Time Changes

    The link I used is here and says WA changed today though, so if board time doesn't match up for any WAs then that would be why. The Northen Territory and Queensland never observe DST as usual.
  13. Elin

    Time Changes

    Time changes in South Australia have been on the same date as Europe for the past few years at least, but according to the ABC this year Western Australia changes today and the other states not until April 6th. Depending on what state you live in you may not change at all though as usual.
  14. Ah, I see. My English isn't working very well today. Thanks for the explanation.
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