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  1. how do I change my avatar and pic now its all changed pls?

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Bagpuss
    3. JRS


      done it. Happy to help the site, and the excellent job there is done here, especially with the episode archive. :)

    4. neighbours fan 1986
  2. Outrageous Fortune would have to be my favorite show of all time, one of the best shows NZ has ever made. Yes love Loretta, also loved Van he had the best lines.

  3. I love outrageous fortune and Loreeta is my favourite. So glad Mrs West got out of jail in the end.

  4. Yes she was the lovliest person I've ever met, so warm and friendly, got a hug off her too. Just a really nice person, seemed to really enjoy meeting the fans. It was an amazing night!

  5. was Carla nice person?.

  6. Has just met Carla Bonner!

  7. Great news about the board comming back, thanks for all that helped make this happen.
  8. Thanks Sal and happy birthday to Neighnbours and to the site.
  9. No snow here in OZ- but we have had sun followed by rain followed by sun followed by rain today- weird lol!

  10. Went to the Neighbours night, saw Stefan Dennis and the actor who played Conner as well.

  11. hi thank you. I watch online but you can get a british sky box. I am English and I lived in Australia back in the 90's when I was a kid and I moved back to England until Summer just gone I then went to live in Greece (Kos)best thing I ever did! Its a beautiful island! have a lovely weekend xx Jack

  12. Hey koukla, ti kaneis?

    I love your avatar. I miss Decget too!!

    So do you get to watch Neighbours in Greece?

    I had no idea that it played there. I am Greek too. Well I am a Greek-Australian lol! I added you as a friend. I hope you don't mind. Have a beautiful day! Filakia xox Paris =]

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