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  1. I'm liking the new look very much as well!
  2. I saw one the other day but I had been replying a bit, so thought it might be more that, but otherwise none for ages.
  3. It's happened to me once or twice as well, the too many requests message.
  4. I'm a veritable newcomer - I started lurking after IMDB shut down their discussion forums and delurked a bit later - it would probably have been sooner but I was reading the Digital Spy forums and those are... not a place I would delurk, let's go with that. But I do love that on here we can have discussions and disagreements and still be mostly okay with each other - the mostly is more due to not liking opinions than people for me, and that happens everywhere online. But I really love discussions on here, it's one of the more calm places I know of generally.
  5. Happy Anniversary to the site as well! It's amazing this is still going after fifteen years.
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