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    Know this:We have not come into this world for the sake of strife and division.Nor for hatred and envy,provocation or the shedding of blood.We will not trade violence for violence, or hatred for hatred.For we are come into this world to know God,in the love of stranger,the caring for neighbour,the compassion of community andthe struggle for justice.Based on the teaching of the Hasidic Rabbi Nachman of Bratzlav
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  1. Thanks to everyone who makes this forum what it is, in particuar the summarisers, the staff and of course Sal who keeps the whole thing going. Where would we be without you guys? I know what you're saying but part of me is totally grateful that there wasn't such a thing when I was 14. If this Board at existed then, let alone a character gallery.... well let's just say I think my eduction would have suffered big time! Here's to our birthday and the show's, and many more to come.
  2. It's obviously been the week for technology to go kaput as for most of this week our server's been down at work so no email, no intranet where all our files are stored. Total nightmare. But it's all back now and thanks to the legends that are Sal and Gaynor the Board's back too. Huge thanks for all your hard work.
  3. Great to be back. Woohoo for those who fixed it.

  4. Hurrah for us!! Huge thanks to Sal and all the fab people who keep this site on the straight and narrow and make it what it is. I quite simply can't imagine life without. For the endless discussions about the present (be it Neighbours, the book I'm reading at the moment or the football) the sharing of memories (be it of Ramsay Street's 'Golden Years' or our favourite children's TV show) and for the friendships made, thank you so very much.
  5. gets very annoyed when fanfics don't give her happy endings!

  6. Sal, it all looks great. Thanks so much for all your hard work. I look forward to investigating the new look site but that will have to be later as right now I'm on my lunch hour but really ought to get back to work. Thanks again.
  7. Sal, as ever the advice was most helpful I might try and get some fics up this evening, if not definitely over the weekend.
  8. Sal, sorry I don't think I was clear with my earlier question about asking whether we should post fics in parts or as a whole. I've got some fics I've written that are rather long, so the question I meant to ask was should I just upload it in one go or should I upload chapter by chapter? I agree about only uploading completed fics, there is nothing more annoying as I have found on other sites than reading through what you think is a completed fic only to discover it stopping half way. There's also the issue of storage space. One other question, is the archive only for fics that were posted on this site. I've got various fics that I posted on previous incarnations of site, (Erinsborough.com etc) that I haven't loaded back onto this site. Should I put them in the archive or not?
  9. Same here Just to clarify, is the idea that we upload entire fics in one or chapter by chapter?
  10. Tractor R!! I love it! :D

  11. It should've done - but I've just pulled the log up, and it says that your subscription expired on the 6th May. It tallies with what's in my Paypal transaction log, as you sent funds through the board to me on the 7th May 2008....but quite why the board hasn't e-mailed you, I don't know. Invision's subscription model is about as reliable as a chocolate teapot! So remind me - hard of understanding - how do I go about paying my subs?
  12. I can't remember when my subscription is due, but having read the posts above I assume I'll get an email telling me when I need to pay up. Is that correct?
  13. Thank you so much for your heartfelt message to me and my family on the anniversary of my mums miscarriage mothers day 22-03-93.It was hard and we cried but friends being there for us and those we know through forums etc... like you,has really helped.Thank you. Have a great week :)

  14. Been away for a month and it all looks completely different, but very impressive. Thanks Sal.
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