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    I love them all - some get better writing and storylines than others though!
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    Well, Neighbours wanted to do a song on the show, and they asked me what songs I had. I told them I'd just written this song, called Born to Try, and I had just gone overseas and spoken to some people from Song about it.Delta Goodrem
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  1. What did Adam say to his wife at Christmas?  "Its Christmas Eve!" 

  2. December will be... ma hagic again :772_blue_heart:

  3. What do you call a fat psychic?  A four chin teller.
  4. “You never know what worse luck your bad luck has saved you from.” ― Cormac McCarthy, No Country for Old Men

  5. Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it.   (Lou Holtz)

  6. Twitter is my newst addiction.

    1. Dingo x

      Dingo x

      What's your Twitter?? I'll follow you. :)

    2. 83ray1
  7. Do you know theres still a spark in you...you just gotta ignite,,,and light and let it shine, just own the night like the 4th of July, cos BABY YOUR A FIREWORK....come on let your colours burst, make em' go oh oh oh

  8. That's like saying that Hitler made some of his best decisions in 1943. Thanks to everyone who sorted this out touche
  9. the hosts didn't have a clue. Having a non-corrupted backup was only one piece in the puzzle Thanks to everyone for their kind words, I think I'll have an early night tonight! You deserve a bath, hot chocolate and early night after all that! Will you be changing hosts?
  10. I probably shouldn't react - it's not good to feed trolls, but do you know what? The words 'stuffed' and 'get' spring to mind reading this and that's the polite version I love how you deleted the bottom bit of my post which said the said the same as everyone else is saying. As for the bit you quoted - it was meant light hearidtly (hence the floppies) so please don't asume my post was a personal attack. I'm glad the board is back and the last few days must be a nightmare for staff. I'd rather you ignore my posts in future if I offend you, rather than being rude.
  11. Oh no Some of my best posts have been made in the last few months. This is a travesty Please keep some floppies handy and backup on a daily basis Other than that though, Well done for getting us back up and running, and it must be a nightmare!
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