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  1. Congratulations on 5000 posts!

    1. eviltwin


      Thanks Ed! Wow I didn't even realise. Should have done something special to mark the occasion. 

  2. This looks excellent now. Thanks!
  3. Thanks Hawker, the board looks great! Love seeing all the stats and popular posts.
  4. Although the 95 ep I summarised wasn't as bad as I was expecting. Not brilliant, but there were still good moments. But even then 96 was so much better by comparison.
  5. Thanks for this Sal, I really appreciate it. It was rather difficult remembering which episode the UK was on, but I like that we're keeping the same thread for both UK and Australia comments as I do like to read what others thought about the episode too. I do think we'll get to the stage where things that have happened at Aussie pace will be discussed in the chat or character discussion areas and will end up being spoilers at UK pace though as we'll get to the stage where they are months ahead of us again.
  6. It all looks like it's working well, emojis loading very quickly too as Liam says. Well done for all your hard work Sal And I realised earlier that with it being 35 years of Neighbours, its Neighboursfans 15th anniversary too, so congrats on 15 years of keeping this site going!
  7. Thanks Sal for all your hard work. Quite a few issues loading the forum at the moment. This is my third attempt at loading this page.
  8. eviltwin


    I went through those steps. The change button appeared and then I had the options to adjust crop or select 'use a custom photo'. Then the two buttons I could press were 'remove photo' and 'done.' The done button wouldn't work, so I selected 'use a custom photo' and then pressed done. Nothing seems to have changed though.
  9. eviltwin


    Yes Sal, that's how the view new content thread looks to me. The avatars don't appear on the main page besides the most recent post - and beside the reply box I'm writing in here it says 'eviltwin's photo' which I guess shouldn't be there either. I'd take pictures but it seems too complicated for me at this time of night. ETA: Thanks for all your work with the avatars Sal. So pleased the Timmins family ones were up there so quickly
  10. Wow! 8 years since I joined this forum. How time flies.

    1. Hawker


      Crikey, it doesn't seem that long ago! :)

  11. A great post Sal. Congratulations on 7 years A huge achievement!!
  12. I've noticed I've made just over 1000 posts in my time here. I shall drink to this achievement!

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