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  1. I used to discuss Neighbours on the Pure Soap forum but I'm not sure if anyone was on that forum.
  2. Happy anniversary Neighboursfans.com! I've missed the forum today. Thanks for getting it up and running again Sal. Much appreciated. Each time I've tried today it's told me it won't work. Maybe I should have refreshed the page instead of keep trying sporadically.
  3. Thanks for all your hard work @Hawker I really appreciate it. I'm having trouble loading the page or forum as well.
  4. Clare


    Thanks for the update and for everything you do to keep the forum running smoothly.
  5. Well done everyone! Great job!
  6. Thanks @Sayaka and @Hawker for getting it up and running again.
  7. When you change your profile picture and then wonder who has made the comment as you don't recognise the profile picture...

    1. Atli


      It's a great Chloe profile picture you have there :D 

  8. Congratulations and well done @Tracy C ! Thank you for all your hard work.
  9. Christmas time.  Mistletoe and wine... Now to go and drink some wine!

  10. I have to admit to loving trying sweets my parents refused to let me try as a kid (too much sugar.)  Ring pops, skittles.  Any others?

  11. The advert told me to go to Specsavers so I did!

  12. I'm meant to be a Make-Up Artist now instead of a Gaffer. Need to improve my make-up skills before I try them on someone else!

  13. Clare

    Server downtime

    I hope the server maintenance goes well.
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