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  1. A belated birthday from me too. Since my illness I don't get on everyday like I used to, but I have met some amazing friends through this board, many of which helped me through said illness. Neighbours has always been a big part if my life, and the board has just enhanced that. Thank you Sal, Gaynor, Graham, Janet and everyone else encephalitis has left me a soppy old thing
  2. Will be seeing my future husband in Manchester tomorrow :)

    1. Bagpuss


      Awww, hope you have an awesome time. (As if you wouldn't!)

    2. Paulrobinson


      Thanks J, just a little excited :)

  3. I have finally sorted my paypal account out, so can I be reminded of how to subscribe again please Ooops sorry I have read the first post properly now
  4. Happy birthday, Marie. Hope you have a brilliant day. x :)

  5. Well done Gaynor, a fantastic achievement
  6. Obviously not a victim of the credit crunch.
  7. I actually quite miss picturre tagging, though my sleep addled brain doesn't, it reminded me of some of the fun scenes I hadn't watched in ages.
  8. Ohh me too, I do like that one - I am very sad!
  9. The members who have visited in last 24 hours is back For some reason I missed that in the last few days.
  10. I think they were in the coffee shop, round about the time that Sky looked for Izzy's driving licence, not that I have really narrowed it down any.
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