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  1. Approx 17 years for me here! 😮 And I was reading the summaries before that too!
  2. Sorry I forgot to add that the amazing screencaps are complete too, well done @Graham I forgot I had uploaded them already! for Graham!
  3. Hello everyone! Thank you SO MUCH to our fab summarisers, I have just finished uploading the 2019 summaries to our archive - the year is now complete. Also a massive thank you to Graham for capping all of the episodes! http://www.neighboursepisodes.com/index.php?year=2019
  4. I think I have now fixed most things, please let me know if you see any error messages (post the link here so I can investigate )
  5. OK, should be back on now. We'll see how it goes.
  6. Archive seems to be OK - the host has clearly done something without admitting it, because it's back up with no changes to code from me! I'm taking the opportunity to do some routine maintenance, so I'm keeping it down for now, but it should be back up shortly after I've finished Try tomorrow morning
  7. It will not be back up before the weekend and possibly not for a while after. I am on holiday and Sal is working long hours. It is a particularly complex problem and involves the host who is in a different timezone which is making communication long winded.
  8. 2018 is now complete! A massive thank you to everyone involved and also thank you to Graham for doing such great caps to go with them!
  9. @Tracy C recently completed her 1000th summary! Thanks Tracy! I remember those cold winter nights we spent summarising 2001 and condoling with each other over Yahoo Messenger all those years ago!
  10. Sayaka

    Server downtime

    Seems to be back up now - yay
  11. Sayaka

    Server downtime

    Hi all - the Episodes Archive is off for a bit - problems on the host end
  12. Sayaka

    2014 Complete

    422 now That's fewer than 2 years' worth of episodes at 240 eps per year
  13. Sayaka

    2014 Complete

    While 20 years are completed in their entirety, lots of other years a partially completed too - in fact the archive is 94% complete now - just 423 episodes left to summarise Well done everyone! I started summarising in 2004 I think
  14. I think the hosts had a blip and have restored the database, losing a couple of hours in the process
  15. could someone help me please, I'm looking to try to fill a gap in my neighbours episodes collection?

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