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  1. Yes, we would be happy to have you on board - prioritising new ones I think Will have a chat to Sal and let you have the directions etc
  2. Well done everyone. I've been involved in it since 2004, it's great to be at Journey's End (although not really as there is a still quite a lot of polishing and screencapping to do - we'll post here in the coming weeks with more on this) Feels a bit bittersweet with the show coming to an end yesterday, feel a bit now. But, we have the archive for posterity and it will help us to continue to enjoy the show into the future. To everyone involved -
  3. I have been doing a bit more optimising - I think there are a LOT of hits on ne.com at the moment as a result of the huge interest in Neighbours over the last few days (for reasons we'd rather not have )
  4. Still seems to be having problems, so @Hawker is talking to the hosts
  5. Had an hour or so this afternoon, so I've made the code more efficient with fewer database queries on the main site. (I've moved them off to a background area which will only need to run occasionally) Hopefully that will help things a bit - as long as I haven't killed anything else during the coding process
  6. Hmm. Have had a further look and 1992 is a funny one. It's a year where the caps are not complete so the part where the little picture is put next to the episode number is more resource intensive. Probably was fine when the archive was smaller, but the combination of archive growth and a different host, it may be groaning. I think there's scope for a re-code that may improve thing - I'll have a look into it (when I'm not at work!)
  7. There's really no reason that the browser should affect things as it's a server side thing. Have you tried a hard refresh? (CTRL+F5)? Working fine for me in Edge.
  8. ...and 2021 is now complete as well! Thank you to all the summarisers who diligently typed away throughout 2021, and Graham for his magnificent screencapping!
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