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    The Varga-Murphys, Wendy, Jane, Nicolette, Richie ❤️ Mackenzie forever
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    KATE: "What do you want me to do, Chris, put on a Jake Gyllenhaal mask or something?" CHRIS: "Could help..."
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    Acupuncture, anchovies, Anson's Corner, architraves... The list is endless.

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  1. Thanks @Sayaka for organising this, and @Hawker for everything you do to keep the board running. From my perspective, I'm probably here more than almost anyone else (and would be very lost without my daily Nfans fix!) and so I'm more than happy to make a regular contribution. Likewise if you ever need additional help with any admin-y stuff or the like, then feel free to get in touch and if it's within my power, I'm happy to pitch in.
  2. Thanks Sal. Seems to be working fine for me currently, although I only got the security message a couple of times myself anyway - it seemed to be working normally for the most part.
  3. I saw it too and assumed it was some kind of security certificate shenanigans so blithely clicked on through Disclaimer: I did not read the message properly and I am not an IT professional, and do not know what I'm talking about.
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