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  1. In 2008-2009 it was pretty appalling IMO, from the bits I've seen. But I didn't actually watch the show consistently in those years, whereas I did watch all of 1995. However I was probably less discerning at that age!
  2. It is, but at least we UK-ers can still respond to points made after the Aus airing, even though the original posters might've long forgotten those episodes by the time we get to them!
  3. Thanks Sal. I think that's the right approach, as it would be a shame to split the episode discussion altogether; discussion has been a lot more active on those parts of the boards since the UK and Australia have been airing in sync.
  4. Thanks to your noble sacrifices, now nobody ever need watch 1995 again.
  5. Emoji codes -- : lol : etc -- seem to be suddenly loading very quickly, whereas prior to the server switch they'd become quite sluggish and often didn't load (at least for me), so that might also be a good sign.
  6. Thanks, Sal! Don't want to jinx it, but it felt like some weight 'lifted' about two minutes ago and it is suddenly loading very quickly.
  7. Thanks for your all your efforts, Sal! Don't know it helps for us to post 'symptoms' but the thing I'm getting a lot of is bare-bones, Times New Roman loading: Also quite a few link clicks that don't register, and not being able to type in reply boxes etc. It had been better today than it was yesterday but seems to have taken a bit of a dip again. When I've had problems similar to this in the past with websites I've worked on after a server switch, I seem to recall the web server folk I called up on the phone to sort it out saying the PHP version was to blame. But that might not apply in the slightest here, as I'm very far from being an expert!
  8. Just letting you know I think a scene may have been cut from the UK version of 6829.

    1. wizardt™


      Okay... why me? :D And which scene?


      ETA: Sorry Ruby, I realise now from your post in the episode thread that you mean 8289 (rather than 6829) which is my episode. I'll take a look when I come to summarise. :)

  9. Well done, @Graham! I'm currently trying to do them for the spin-off having not done caps before, and discovering what a lot of work it is.
  10. Much like Kerry, Dee and CamRob, it seems I have a doppelganger. ;) To be specific: I don't and have never posted on the Digital Spy forums. Just wanted to clear that up!

    1. Sayaka


      How weird! A secret fan of yours perhaps?!

    2. wizardt™


      I can only assume so. You know what they say about imitation and flattery :D

  11. Hi mate, I'm really sorry to continually pester you but there's something I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on, when you have the time. You make insightful posts which I enjoy reading and always have a interesting perspective .





    I made that thread months ago and you state that Tyler had confidence issues which was reflected through his interactions with women. I was just hoping you could elaborate on that (when you feel up to it :blushing:)


    Its just that I've usually viewed him as confident when engaging with women and he's my fave character so I'm disappointed he's left, talking about him makes me feel better.

  12. hi mate, love to hear your thoughts in this thread :)



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