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  1. Thanks for the 8624 summary, LIam, just letting you know it says "Episode: 8621" at the top. :)

    1. wizardt™


      Whoops! Cheers, it's sorted now. :)

  2. I know you can see them @Bagpuss, but I don't mind you knowing about my occasionally atrocious spelling and grammar, as I know you won't tell anyone.
  3. Thanks @Hawker - I think the silent editing is a great change. I'm a perfectionist and always go in to edit my posts to correct bits and bobs immediately after I've submitted them (even just to put spaces between emojis or whatever), but the trade-off was that the board would then tell all the world I'm not perfect after all with a timestamp at the bottom. ETA: And now it definitely doesn't!
  4. It's a good thing to get used to doing, I think. I find I do this with pretty much every website I look at on my phone (even YouTube etc), so I'm not even sure what Nfans looks like by default on there. I think it's because I'm mainly a PC user for browsing the web, and I just like things to be the same when I'm on another device - I find zooming in and out to read/click on things the easiest way of adjusting, rather than navigating a new layout.
  5. I can't swear by it - I have a feeling it wasn't there in the last board iteration, but it may have been there on previous ones. I'm vague about it because I've always used the tags, but it's not entirely new to me, I think. Or possibly it was there on Back to the Bay but not here?
  6. They don't seem to be working with the brackets/code, but you can highlight the spoilery text and then use the button with the eye icon to put a spoiler box on.
  7. @Rick182 Not sure if this is right, but according to Google: So I'd say that's not a board issue, it's because you're seeing the standard Unicode emoji set in the way they would usually look on your (pre-Windows 10) OS. You can still access an awful lot of non-standard emojis via the 'smiley face' menu at the top of the post preview, as ever (I'm sure these aren't showing for you as black and white):
  8. Me neither! Even better, it's got a quick link to symbols on it, too -- to think, I've still been navigating to Character Map every day and waiting for it to load.
  9. Thanks @Hawker, all looks great to me! One thing I almost asked about (but then found) is that the option to edit posts is now on the top right of the post as one of the options in the 'three dots' menu -- rather than down below as it used to be. Just thought I'd mention in case anyone is looking for it.
  10. In 2008-2009 it was pretty appalling IMO, from the bits I've seen. But I didn't actually watch the show consistently in those years, whereas I did watch all of 1995. However I was probably less discerning at that age!
  11. It is, but at least we UK-ers can still respond to points made after the Aus airing, even though the original posters might've long forgotten those episodes by the time we get to them!
  12. Thanks Sal. I think that's the right approach, as it would be a shame to split the episode discussion altogether; discussion has been a lot more active on those parts of the boards since the UK and Australia have been airing in sync.
  13. Thanks to your noble sacrifices, now nobody ever need watch 1995 again.
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