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    KATE: "What do you want me to do, Chris, put on a Jake Gyllenhaal mask or something?" CHRIS: "Could help..."
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  1. Ah, I see - so it worked again afterwards because @Skylover had made a new post in there.
  2. I have found some searches don't return any results lately, even though I know there are some. For instance, they don't seem to find older episodes anymore - I will sometimes search by episode number to pull up a particular reference (on the forum, not the archive site) but for the older ones, it doesn't seem to work now. ETA: I did just try Neighbuzz though, and that worked. So maybe it's intermittent?
  3. Thanks very much for all your work on the upgrade, Sal - looks fab, and excited for my new crown! I only really use the 'classic' smileys most of the time - etc - as they are by far my faves, so not sure I'd have noticed! But you're right that my instincts more broadly are iPhone-sceptical. @Starmaker73 Do keep posting! Love to hear everyone's opinions on the board, and we Grand Masters' orthodoxies need challenging sometimes (Android changed it to 'orthodontics' three times without my input - does iPhone do this @Benji?)
  4. Thanks for the 8624 summary, LIam, just letting you know it says "Episode: 8621" at the top. :)

    1. wizardt™


      Whoops! Cheers, it's sorted now. :)

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