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  1. Thanks Tracy. Same goes for episodes 1927 & 1928 both have the date of the 1st June 1993.
  2. Just spotted that episode 1890 and 1891 have the same Australian air date as the 9th April 1993. Episode 1891 should be 12th April 1993. Neighbours Episode 1890 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com Neighbours Episode 1891 from 1993 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
  3. Error 503 is back for me as of 12:47pm (UK Time) Edit: meant to post this in the main thread.
  4. Thanks Sayaka. It’s no major annoyance, as I’m currently re-watching 1992 I'm making a log of what I’ve watched so far and like to refer to the archive for the correct Australian air dates.
  5. So what would be causing this error screen?
  6. Summaries are showing as down for me in Microsoft Edge still, unless the tinkering is still going on?
  7. Interesting, it's working on my iPhone but not in Microsoft Edge. Getting a blue background with an error 500 shop style sign.
  8. It's changed from error 503 to error 500 now: Internal Server Error.
  9. Error 503 message is back again as of the 6th June 2022.
  10. The episode summaries are down again.
  11. Neighboursepisodes.com is still down from this morning.
  12. Episode summaries are down again showing 503 error message.
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