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    Martin: She's only after your money! Archie: Well, I suppose it's the most interesting thing about me. *** Archie: I've never met anyone like you Mandy. You seem more *real* than other girls. Mandy: Real? What, do you mean common? Archie: Of course not! Though maybe growing up on a council estate does give you a certain quality. A strong quality I mean. Mandy: I think you must have a very romantic view of council estates! We're exactly like other people, except we naff in lifts. We can't help it. You know, we just get into a lift and we gotta go. *** Lionel: [trying to get him to write a second book, Jean walks Lionel through the first time they met] I saw you, and I stopped breathing. I really did. Jean: Aww Lionel Hardcastle: I started again, of course, or I would have died... *** Claire: You know, it's polite for the first person downstairs to make coffee, even it that person has a penis. Nate: Well, it's also polite for the first person in the bathroom to spend less than 45 minutes in there, even if that person has a vulva. *** Claire: I wish I was gay. David: Ohh, no. Claire: Well, then I wouldn't have to deal with unfamiliar sex organs! David: They're all unfamiliar unless they're yours.
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    Reading - Charles Dickens; Toni Morrison; Jodi Picoult; various autobiographies; Writing; Films - Leon; The Green Mile; Donnie Darko; Television - Six Feet Under (best TV show ever made); The League of Gentlemen; One Foot In The Grave; Stand up comedy - Jack Dee, Lee Evans, Eddie Izzard.

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  1. Right, that's it, Christmas over again for another year! Move on! :p

  2. Bit late but congrats and thank you, Sal, for a place that has been there for me in so many ways over the last nine years. I joined on March 19, 2005, so I must have been here almost the second Neighboursfans itself (this incarnation) came to life. I was a busy little poster in the early days - my distinct memory is of late nights with Steve (Morrish) and JA talking about all sorts. I went very quiet for a while as other things in real life took over and then came back and this happened a few times, as it does with us all, I think. My fan-fic era (2005-2009) was probably my busiest t
  3. New York City - Go There! Don't even THINK about it. Just DO it. :-) .... if you want. If you feel the need. No pressure. :p

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Snugglepie


      Yeah baby! I really hope to be able to make it back there again someday! After having seen the film New Year's Eve I'd love to go then! My friend'd like to that someday too so maybe we might go together! :D

    3. Graham


      Yes, Lydia, I've been to New York a few times. I agree about the awesomeness of Times Square! :)

    4. Snugglepie


      Awesome!! I don't know if I've ever told you but when I went to NY the first time with my Dad we went to Times Square on the first night and we had a pizza. You know what? I loved it so much that I asked if we could go back again the next (and final) night and we did!! It's way way better than Las Vegas! Went there 3 years ago and Vegas is just too busy and gimmicky and stuff. Times Squares just perfect!!

  4. now has a headache after FINALLY finishing all the work for tomorrow. So much paperwork!

  5. I can't believe I came on here to 'Roar' on your page and I've already beaten myself to it! Damnit.




  6. Rawr. Yeah. I'm cool.

    Loves you xx

  7. Hi, I'm new. Under avatars why does it say bronze, gold etc.?

  8. Chloe was 'ere. Oh yes she was!

  9. Oh, definitely! I've said in the past when caught that I use it to find out what happened in an episode I missed...but that's all. Just on those odd occasions.... *blushing, breathlessness, "please believe me" grin plastered over face* Sorry Sal, WE know there's nothing mad about Neighboursfans.com... the uninitiated....don't! They're the mad ones!
  10. Thanks Sal! Oddly, I like it how it is. When I am caught online by someone who doesn't know I use the site, I can lie more convincingly...
  11. Empty your inbox!

  12. Gilly

    Hellloooooooo! I texted you but don't know whether you would have got it or not?! We need a catch up! xxxxxxx

  13. I've only just seen your "hello", so "hello back!" - this is all quite out-of-body! LOL!

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