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  1. @J Bar - Hey Jim, thanks for reporting. For my peace of mind, please can you test it on another message? I just want to rule out any potential problems - feel free to make any messages in here to test with. There's been no change of setting, but I did make a silent board upgrade the other night and I'm just wondering if it's affected it.
  2. 100% - the efforts to keep the archive updated year on year are phenomenal, so a huge thank you to all those who summarise and cap, and to @Sayaka for all the archiving efforts. Thanks also to those summarisers who knocked off the early years at the start of lockdown - we are far closer to completion than ever before. 🙌 🥳
  3. Marvellous, I'm pleased to hear that - and thank you again for the suggestions.
  4. Hey Jim @J Bar - thanks for the suggestions. I've implemented a few of these things - notably, I've added silent editing to your accounts and also the ability to hide your own content. See how you go, and we'll look back in a few weeks and see if it's working or whether I need to do some adjusting with the member groups. I'd be interested to know how people find the changes.
  5. @J Bar Hey Jim, I've been having a puzzle over this - it's definitely an unfortunate side effect of the move of the feature. I understand the logic of why it's been moved, and due to how the post controls are linked into it (it's also where the moderator privileges sit), it's impossible to extricate. ...but would it help if I gave members permissions to hide your own content? Then at least you could 'get rid' of the mistake so the rest of the board can't see it, and the Staff can sweep the posts away when they log on?
  6. @Starmaker73 - can you do the same, and clear the cache and cookies for the site on your phone browser? That should put it back into line. @boatmate - great, glad that worked for you! No, there's not currently the option to mute a member.
  7. That's awesome to hear, thanks @J Bar 😁 @boatmate - that sounds a bit odd. Can you check your settings under this link, please? https://www.neighboursfans.com/forum/settings/links/ I have mine set to 'take me to comments I haven't read' - can you check that yours are set to something suitable? If there's no joy, it might be worth clearing the cache and cookie for the site in your browser to see if that puts things back into line.
  8. That's brilliant to hear; glad you like it.
  9. I'm really pleased that I could get a resolution for you. Thanks heaps for your patience whilst I had a look at it.
  10. Made a few other tweaks as well to the templates; I think it's looking better on desktop now too.
  11. It turns out I just needed to have a bit of a rest after work and the clouds parted in the code. I was definitely overtired earlier in the week!
  12. How's that now? @boatmate @ekane @J Bar
  13. Hi @ekane - yeah, the smallest view (which is what you'll generally see if you're on mobile) doesn't show any date/time details on the posts. I realise this is irritating - it's definitely on the to-do list.
  14. That's good to hear. No, unfortunately not - that was what I was unsuccessfully hunting down for you last night (that, and moving the avatar). That smallest view is definitely the least friendly, I agree - I'll keep an eye out.
  15. I've split a set of posts from Neighbours Chat into this topic. @lozthyneighbours @emzynr @SydneyNeighboursFan @FootyKick - in future, please can you put feedback about the forum in this dedicated thread? When it is posted in random topics across the forum, it is difficult to ensure that we've picked up all of the feedback - and it would be frustrating for you to feel that you've lodged a complaint without it being addressed. As stated in this topic last night, it's not possible to address everything - but if I can make a minor change to improve things, then I am happy to do so. If
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