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    Philip, Julie, Hannah, Michael and Debbie Martin; Ruth and Lance Wilkinson; Ben Atkins; Karl and Susan Kennedy; Doug Willis; Beth Brennan; Darren Stark; Rick Alessi.
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    I've been in for three days and nights doing nothing, just watching Neighbours twice a day. I'm getting a thing for Helen Daniels and it's not healthy.-- Liam Gallagher
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    Mrs Philip Martin. Well, one can dream...
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  1. It does pop up occasionally, although there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it - it's not forgotten, I've just been busy with work this week. I'll try and look at it soon.
  2. A group of us (@Sayaka @eviltwin @Clare and myself) have been working the last few days to finish off some early summaries, and I'm pleased to announce that the summaries for 1995 are now complete.
  3. We have amended the text editor slightly to assist our Contributors with their summarising and archiving efforts. The change affects the posting box across the forum. Previously, you had to press enter/return twice to get to a new line. Now, you only press once. Existing posts have been converted, so for a period of time, you'll see lots of posts with lots of whitespace. Apologies for this. If you need to write on the line below, you can hold down shift and press return/enter. Like This Example It'll take a bit of getting used to with everyone's muscle memory, but it's a big help to our archiving team.
  4. I'm glad you found us!
  5. Yes, it's technically the same forum - we carried the member database over. Bizarre to think that it started in November 2000 (and a few of us were around and talking earlier than that, back in 98/99) and many of us are still here now.
  6. Don't worry, the errors were all on my side - nothing you could've done!
  7. Blimey, it is as well! Nice little archive image for us all - way back in 2005:
  8. Ah, that's awesome to hear! It's feeling lightning quick for me now, so I'm glad it's the same on your connection too. I am reasonably confident I've got it stable now - it's been running sweetly for the past 15 minutes or so, whereas before it would crash after about 10 minutes.
  9. That's good to hear - I made some changes about two minutes ago!
  10. It's a cracking guess @wizardt™ - it's not the PHP version that's changed, but it is PHP related. I've made a few more changes - let me know how you're going over the course of the evening. I'll be reading and making changes as I see the feedback coming in. Although I said it was a server move, some major things have changed behind the scenes and I think it's a case of tweaking everything for the new set up. Appreciate your help everyone.
  11. Hmm, maybe not. I'll keep working on it.
  12. Hi @Neil - those are the errors which seem to be cured on my side since the changes I made a few minutes ago. Could you give the site a hard refresh for me and see if that stops those errors?
  13. I've made a few changes - can you all test and see how you go again? Sorry about this being a bit up and down! Really appreciate your help.
  14. Bless you, mate, I wasn't very patient yesterday - as you heard! 😆
  15. Ah, forget the archive for the moment - it needs quite a bit of work. I've put the board back online as I want to see how it copes with people using it. I might take it down again later if the same problems persist.
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