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    Philip, Julie, Hannah, Michael and Debbie Martin; Ruth and Lance Wilkinson; Ben Atkins; Karl and Susan Kennedy; Doug Willis; Beth Brennan; Darren Stark; Rick Alessi.
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    I've been in for three days and nights doing nothing, just watching Neighbours twice a day. I'm getting a thing for Helen Daniels and it's not healthy.-- Liam Gallagher
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    Mrs Philip Martin. Well, one can dream...
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    Mostly naughty

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  1. Hi all, The forum software has been upgraded today. If you run into any problems, please can you let me know by replying to this topic? Cheers!
  2. I think that should be fixed now - can you do the same; clear the cache and try again for me, please?
  3. I've reissued the certificate; looks ok to me now - can you clear your cache and test for me? It was secure, so don't worry - the certificate was there and active, but evidently not pulling down properly.
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