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  1. I am very sorry for any offence I have caused.
  2. To Col, I'm just trying to be constructive; and to Clog, the main page was available but inaccessible from the back end of the site, so Sal couldn't change it. That means not waiting until something goes wrong to add a couple of helpful links for ignorant newbies like myself.
  3. There's a Twitter page and a Livejournal page that I was updating, but although the main page was available, it wasn't accessible from the back end of the site (I.e. I couldn't change it). Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/neighboursfans (Maybe we should think about making the name of the lj page a bit more obvious...) Good idea, and perhaps you could put a link to it on the main page; together with (as I've only just found out) a link to this unlocked forum where struggling potential members can find some help.
  4. Thanks for geting the board back, I was very worried as well. May I make a suggestion? What I believe is your home page still came up, would it have been possible to put a short message on there to briefly say what had happened? Also, because I began since May I wasn't able get back in as myself, so I've registered as a brand new user with the same name. I hope that is an okay thing to do.