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  1. Happy New Year!

  2. Merry Christmas!

  3. Even though it's nearly coming up to five months I still want to say Happy Birthday to NeighboursFans for nine glorious years and to also say how great it is to post on this forum and to discuss Neighbours with those who are just as passionate about the show as I am. Thanks for making this possible Sal and here's to many great years for the forum and hopefully the show as well One thing I'm curious about though is whether it was deliberate to set up the forum under this name exactly at the 20th anniversary since Neighbours first aired in Australia or whether it was just pure coincidence it fell on that date. I think it's cool either way!
  4. Great work Sal! The forum looks great now with all avatar thumbnails working now and the return of the country flag icons
  5. Thanks for fixing the problem Sal! It explains why I couldn't access the forum for a little while a few days ago. I thought something was wrong with my internet connection initially.
  6. Hi Sal I noticed that my avatar has changed but I want to change it to another one now with Paul as I used the Timmins family as an example to see whether it was working or not last night. If there is a way to change this new avatar that I've nominated from the avatars section of the forum I'll really appreciate it. By the way you've done a great job so far addressing everyone's needs. EDIT: All good now. I've got the preferred avatar now
  7. Fantastic work Sal EDIT: I've noticed that I can't change my avatar even though I want to change it from the one I have currently for some reason.
  8. Avatars are an issue Sal will need to deal with separately. Thanks for answering that question, I had the same issue as well. Overall, well done Hawker! It looks good and I think I'll adjust to it well. It always feels weird when it looks different initially.
  9. Initially I always find it difficult to adjust to the change of any forum, but I'm sure in time it'll be great. Provided, the main features that exist here are still around for the next upgrade, I'll be happy with the change. It sounds exciting going by what you're saying.
  10. I'm just wondering when you mean 'upgrading the board', do you mean the format and outlook of the forum will look completely different to the way it's presented now?
  11. That's magnificent. Well done to all those involved.