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  1. Thanks for sorting it Sal
  2. Ah, sorry, I didn't realise it was a slow process, I didn't mean to chase. I thought it might just be a quick button to press. We really appreciate all the hard work you do behind the scenes, you do it so smoothly and efficiently it's easy for us to forget sometimes.
  3. Is it possible for the quotes to be uploaded to the board? I uploaded some a few weeks ago and now I've found a few more to add, but I think I may have already submitted some of them. Obviously, no real rush as I know you are both busy.
  4. Changing your profile picture is something that is only available when you subscribe to the board.
  5. Awesome to see the quotes back. I've missed them! Thanks Sal.
  6. This place is my online home, I'd feel lost without it. It's such a lovely place to come and chat with other friendly people, and I've made some great friends through the board. Thanks so much for keeping it going Sal.
  7. There was a FB page about a year or so ago, but I think it only got up to 11 members or so, and so has been culled by FB.
  8. Gaynor and Sal, you two are amazing. Thank you for all your hard work.
  9. Happy Birthday Nf.com. Seconded! Thanks Sal.
  10. Says he who has just mentioned Libby in his own status update!
  11. I managed to reply fine to that PM Janet, it just seems to be any PM's recieved before the upgrade that I can't reply to. ETA: I'm using Opera.
  12. I also have no option to reply to any of the PM's in my inbox, the button states 'You cannot reply'
  13. I think what Vanz is saying, is it's hard to tell if you've posted in a thread now or not. There's no little symbol on the icon (as there used to be) that appeared once you'd posted in a thread.
  14. I've noticed that the titles of the spoiler topics are appearing on the 'Who's viewing which thread' page even though I'm not signed into the spoiler areas.
  15. I found the red set up very hard to read on my laptop screen yesterday (very little contrast between the different sections of the board) so it's nice to see the blue back. Cheers Sal. ETA: I'm also having Time difficulties too. GMT with Auto Daylight Saving throws me an hour ahead, but if I go to GMT-1 with Auto Daylight Saving I end up an hour behind! The only way I've found to resolve it at the moment is to take off the Auto Daylight Saving Option and click the manual button instead (on GMT).