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  1. Not quite sure how I lost Serena in her cowboy hat, and seem to have adopted a speccy-Avril!
  2. This place looks brilliant!
  3. Thanks Sal, and congratulations. God love this site.
  4. And I was just about to update mine saying that Darth Vader is Luke Skywalkers father.
  5. Very late to this, but my goodness, five years, I can't believe how quickly it's gone!
  6. are we still married

    we never talk about it

  7. Hi, how are you?

    I added you as a friend. I hope you don't mind. Have a gorgeous day! =] Paris xx

  8. Bloody hell, it does look different!
  9. Steve is a legend.fact.

  10. There are so many people that have come and gone (and stayed of course). Happy birthday board!
  11. Welcome to the board Leo.
  12. Glad you made it. More Serena back up.
  13. I've just noticed that UK and Aus ep discussion forums have swapped around again. Cue lots of clicking on the wrong one.
  14. Awesome. This seems so surreal!