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Found 1 result

  1. Sorry to start another thread but I couldn't find an open thread to put this in. I just wanted to congratulate and thank everyone who has worked so hard this year and every year to make the Archive Project so successful. The Archive now houses 7608 summaries of the 7750 Episodes that have ever been made, leaving just 142 episodes remaining to summarise! This means that the Summaries Archive is now 98.17% complete, an amazing achievement that everyone who has been involved, especially @Sayaka should be very proud of! You are all part of something very special, voluntarily creating an amazing resource unrivalled by any other group of volunteers I know. Congratulations on reaching the 98% mark! I often read the summaries and look at the capps and I am eternally grateful for the hours of entertainment the archive and this community has brought me over so many years!