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  1. I can see where you are coming from Janet and I will of course make my own backup of the threads, but if Sal will make an exception then I would be very greatfull as I would like it to remain accessable to all decget fans.
  2. Hi Sal, Are you getting ready to upgrade the software or just having a clear out to speed the board up? Also can I make a plea on behalf of the decget fans to keep all The Declan, Bridget and India Appreciation Threads (formally The Declan & Bridget Appreciation Threads) in the character discussion board as alot of us still use them for reference. Thanks Sal
  3. Congratulation Everyone on making it to the 7 Year Anniversary I Just happened to be reading back over some of the anniversary and Upgrade threads yesterday afternoon and it's amazing to see how far the board has come, the changes that have happened and the milestones that have been achieved over the last 7 Years. Big thanks to Sal and the rest of the staff for running this board so well over the last 7 years you all do an amazing job! I can't believe that I will have been here 6 years in October, I've mades some amazing online friends durring that time and I am thankful to everyone who has come and chatted to me over the years. As you are asking, I do have one suggestion that I have seen on another forum (I can provide a link if wanted) which I think would work really well over here. They call it roleplay and basicaly what happens is that somebody posts a basic storyline and a list of characters and then other members request to be assigned to a particular character. That member is then responsible for controling that character inside the story I.e. they say how the character moves and what the character says. Somebody then starts the story and another member/character reacts to what was previously posted and so on. Just an idea, see what you think. Once again Congratulations on 7 Years of running a very sucessful board. Sal I hope you are feeling better now.
  4. Oh well it was just a thought, I can see it could be problamatic but if it's not even possible then I guess its a moot point.
  5. Thanks for the explanation Sal, Like I said before I was just curious as to why it did what it did, I wasn't angling for an extra day. I think you are making alot of work for yourself if you go through and manually extend every subscriber for just 1 day. I'm happy to loose the day and I'm sure most other people will be aswell. Thanks for the help Sal! ETA: Sal, You asked for suggestions, would it be possible to put an auto resubscribe option on the Subscriptions? I asume probably not if the subscription module is a querky as you say it is, but I thought I would ask.
  6. Nope I just checked, it definatly starts on 8th Jan 2012 and finishes 6th Jan 2013, so thats not it. Like I said before it's not a problem, I was just curious to now why.
  7. I've just updated my Subscription, Just out of interest (I'm not Complaining) why does it start on 8th January 2012 and finish on 6th January 2013, 2 days short of a full year? Like I said I'm not complaining about two days, I'm just curious to know why.
  8. Come back Hannah, the Declan and Bridget Appreciation Thread celebrates its 3rd anniversary on 27th December and it won't be the same celebration without you!

  9. Come back Sues, the Declan and Bridget Appreciation Thread celebrates its 3rd anniversary on 27th December and it won't be the same celebration without you!

  10. Sold! Suse, I'll take two, but I can't afford Air Mail on two children so how do they feel about spending six months on a boat?

  11. I thought it was me that had crashed it Andrew, I had spent over an hour trauling through the Magazine Articles trying to find one that had been posted at the begining of the year, I finaly found it, clicked on it to open it and CRASH! No more board! There was some bad language said at that point I can tell you!
  12. Looks like we are back again, Thanks to everyone who worked on getting us back up and running.
  13. I've got it now, I used to only have to put the video code in not the whole URL but now you do, must be something to do with the upgrade, either way it works which is the main thing but Sal if your reading you might want to look into the disappearance of your YouTube disclaimer.
  14. hmm, maybe it is set to staff only?
  15. I have just read the last 10 pages and I didn't see anything mentioned about this. the YouTube Tags don't seem to be working since the upgrade there isn't a button for it that I can find and when I type them in manually [ youtube ] [ /youtube ] (without the spaces) the tags disappear but the code stays like this HgI73U6bvdM any ideas? Apart from this minor frustration I'm liking the new upgrade
  16. I know I am abit late asking (nine months) but are we ever going to get the Real Life Neighbours (or simmilar) Section back?
  17. Thanks Sal for sorting out the PM System, you are a star! You may wish to update the welcome message to reflect the fact that new members no longer have access to the PM System. Also would it be possible to email the welcome message out to new members as I think it is important that they read it and I am afraid that it will get lost once this has all blown over, as being a closed thread, it will never be at the top of the list, just a suggestion. Thanks once again Sal, really appreciate it!
  18. Hi Sal, I just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you having to waste your weekend fixing the PM System because of some Selfish Idiot. I'm praying that it doesn't take you too long for your sake as I'm sure you have got better things to do and I just want to say thank you, I really do appreciate all the hard work you are putting into this and the site generally As I said in one of my previous posts, I wish there was something I could do to help but as the only thing I can do is offer moral support I will post little messages of appreciation like this for you untill the system is fixed. Thanks again Sal You're the best!
  19. Mine is still not working Is Sal having to go through and individually authorise each member? I hope not otherwise it is going to take Sal hours, not that I'm in a rush, I just feel really bad that poor Sal has to spend all this time trawling through over 20,000 members records working out who to authorise and who to block just because some idiot decided to plant a spam bot on the site. I wish there was something I could do to help. Hopefully knowing that myself and I'm sure most members of the site really appreciate all the hard work Sal is putting in over this issue will help abit. Thanks Sal!
  20. Thanks Sal, I just thought it was something we all needed to know under the circumstances.
  21. This is a Damb Nuisense! Bloody spam Bots! What do we do if we need to contact Staff untill the PM System comes up again?, just wondering, I don't need to at the moment. Thanks Again Sal for all your hard work It is apreciated
  22. WOW! 75%!!! Thats fantastic! Well done to everybody who has worked so hard on the Archive give yourselves a pat on the back (looks for the pat on the back emoticon, has to make do with the group hug instead)
  23. Happy Birthday Neighbours and Neighboursfans.com Well done and thank you to everybody who is involved in making this site what it is. I thought since we are celebrating 24 years of Neighbours it would be approproate to have a link to The History of Neighbours and since we are also celebrating the 4th birthday of Neighboursfans.com here is a link to The History of Neighboursfans.com and Neighboursepisodes.com
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