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  1. If you sort by 'start date' the summary threads appear in chronological order.
  2. Atli

    2014 Complete

    20 completed years And just 423 left to finish! Amazing! Well done everyone who's helped construct this one-of-a-kind archive Many other shows have similar archives, but getting up to over 7000 episodes, and with screen caps too, must be truly unique.
  3. Atli


    Thanks a ton Sal
  4. Atli


    I'm having a bit of a problem with my avatar. I wanted to change from Santa Matt to Fireworks Matt, to mark today's occasion, but I keep getting an error message. Screenshot in the tags. I thought perhaps I'd need to remove the current avatar so that's what I did, but now I can't add the new avatar, nor the previous two I've had, I always get the same message. Is it behaving like this for anyone else? I'm using the "For contributors and above" method from Janet's post.
  5. Atli


    Awesome, well done Isn't it alright though if I kept my avatar, not from the gallery?
  6. Thanks for approving them, Sal Could you perhaps put a link to the opening post in the quote submit site? It would make things a lot easier, instead of having to search for this thread every time. As it is now, you don't see anywhere on that form that the quotes have to be a certain format, so people might not even know. You could also give staff the right to approve them, dividing the work. Out of curiosity, was there anything wrong with the quotes I submitted? I thought I'd followed the instructions, but it'd be helpful to know if I missed something, for future quote submissions
  7. What a great day! Go summer

  8. Could you put a link to this thread into the "Add Quote" page? This thread is easily accessible now, but with time it'll get buried below new Forum News and people who haven't seen it already won't know the correct formatting, or even that the formatting matters at all. It would probably save you work in the future.
  9. Would it be possible to link the quotes to the summaries, perhaps in the "View full quote" option? Sometimes you come across a quote that reminds you of a really great episode, and while you can just go to the archive and type in the number, it would be one less click. And is it okay to copy quotes from summaries that others have written? Because most of the good ones are already written out there. It's not plagiarism or anything?
  10. Atli

    Welcome back!

    That was quick, well done! It looks great
  11. It's Christmas, for you and me, it's Christmas, for the world to see. It's Christmas, for us all to share, it's Christmas, everywhere.

  12. Atli

    6000 summaries

    What an amazing achievement A staggering 91,6% of all the episodes that have ever aired throughout the show's 27 years run! Well done everyone
  13. Happy 27th birthday Neighbours!

  14. I recommend watching BBC4 at 10 tonight

  15. wishes everyone happy Easter and goes on eating his two huge Easter eggs.

  16. It's time to try defying gravity

  17. loved today's episode of Neighbours, and can't wait for tomorrow's. Sometimes it's nice to be a bit behind

  18. Happy Birthday NFans.com May there be many more.
  19. it really sucks having to drive in the snow after having gotten used to using a long yellow 'limousine' that goes by my house every 15 mins...

  20. Happy New Year! Gleðilegt nýtt ár!

  21. has eaten way too much for the last couple of days. How Christmassy!

  22. Merry Christmas! I'ts Christmas, for you and me, it's Christmas, for the world to see....

  23. can finally drink alchohol legally now. Woohoo

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