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  1. 20 completed years :o And just 423 left to finish! Amazing!

    Well done everyone who's helped construct this one-of-a-kind archive :celebrate: Many other shows have similar archives, but getting up to over 7000 episodes, and with screen caps too, must be truly unique.

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  2. I'm having a bit of a problem with my avatar. I wanted to change from Santa Matt to Fireworks Matt, to mark today's occasion, but I keep getting an error message. Screenshot in the tags. I thought perhaps I'd need to remove the current avatar so that's what I did, but now I can't add the new avatar, nor the previous two I've had, I always get the same message. Is it behaving like this for anyone else? I'm using the "For contributors and above" method from Janet's post.




  3. Thanks for approving them, Sal :) Could you perhaps put a link to the opening post in the quote submit site? It would make things a lot easier, instead of having to search for this thread every time. As it is now, you don't see anywhere on that form that the quotes have to be a certain format, so people might not even know. You could also give staff the right to approve them, dividing the work.


    Out of curiosity, was there anything wrong with the quotes I submitted? I thought I'd followed the instructions, but it'd be helpful to know if I missed something, for future quote submissions :)

  4. Could you put a link to this thread into the "Add Quote" page? This thread is easily accessible now, but with time it'll get buried below new Forum News and people who haven't seen it already won't know the correct formatting, or even that the formatting matters at all. It would probably save you work in the future.

  5. Would it be possible to link the quotes to the summaries, perhaps in the "View full quote" option? Sometimes you come across a quote that reminds you of a really great episode, and while you can just go to the archive and type in the number, it would be one less click.


    And is it okay to copy quotes from summaries that others have written? Because most of the good ones are already written out there. It's not plagiarism or anything?

  6. If When you get that far and have only a few episodes to go, I think you might be able to contact Neighbours distributor to fill in the gap, surely they'd be interested in this massive archive and wanted to help, just to complete it.


    I wonder if any other show that has as many episodes as Neighbours has as large and detailed summaries archive. Perhaps this is a record!






  7. Happy 5th birthday NeighboursFans.com! Thank you Sal for all your hard work, the board has really improved since the changes last year, not that it was needed. This board is easily one of the best on the internet, Neighbours-related or not. It sort of has the perfect blend, it's relaxed and you don't get the feeling that you're going to be moderated for a small mistake like on some other sites, but you don't allow it to be filled up with txt speak and useless posts either.


    May there be many more years, who knows if this board can reach the same birthday as Neighbours is celebrating today? 




    It works for me, typing the tags in manually, and I'm not staff. Did you copy the youtube link from the box on the right where it says "Url" (below the description of the video) or just the address bar? Because sometimes there is a lot of extra stuff in the address bar that doesn't work in embedding, like if you've accessed the video from "related videos"
  9. This spoiler tag problem has happened before, hasn't it? I've never been able to open the spoiler tags on really old posts (I sometimes watch old episodes and then read the comments in episode discussion), so I thought this was something similiar now. Good to know it's like that for everybody, I thought my browser was maybe not fully compatible with the new software (I use Opera so that has happened with some sites in the past).


    I actually did notice the white thing in the topic icons before, I just didn't think they were clear enough. I've changed to the red skin now, and it looks more clear like it used to. Thanks for the tip.



  10. I've encountered a problem with the spoiler tags, I can't open them. The "Spoiler! --Click here to view--" isn't clickable. Is it like this for others or just me?


    Also, would it be possible to have a skin where the icons in front of threads in the subforums would be more clear if I had answered them or not? There was a little ┘in the corner yesterday or the day before, but now there's just a bit of white that isn't very clear. It's not a big problem but I liked seeing clearly which topics I had replied to and which topics I hadn't.


    Other than that, the look is great, congratulations with the upgrade   :)



  11. Happy birthday NF :celebrate:


    Thanks everyone for building up such a great site, and especially the people who have worked hard on the summaries section. It's great being able to read the episodes if you miss one or want to relive an old moment or catch up on history. I've never seen a site like NE.com on any other show, which is a shame actually, but that also makes the site more special.


    Keep up the good work everybody.

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