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Found 1 result

  1. Random quotes are back - wahey! I have to admit, I have really missed our random quotes feature...and I know that I'm not the only one. I think it has to be high on the list of 'most requested feature' and I am chuffed to bits that we have it back. Even better, it's much improved too! I would love it if you all started adding quotes - please feel free to do so. However, as we're starting from fresh, I would also love it if we could all format our quotes in the same way...hence this guide! (I know that this might seem a bit lame to some people, but I remember the hell of trying to re-format hundreds of quotes on the old board and it's a pain...if we all do it the same way to begin with, it'll look ace and it'll save a LOT of work!) Thanks in advance! To add a quote 1. Go to: http://www.neighboursfans.com/forum/index.php?/quotes/ 2. Press the 'Add Quote' button (top right). Formatting the year and episode number Where it says, "Quote Information, Quote Source," please fill in the YEAR and EPISODE number. e.g. 1986: Episode 0222 1998: Episode 3000 2007: Episode 5172 Please note the 0 prefix for any numbers below 1000. If you don't know the episode number, please write: YEAR: Episode Unknown e.g. 1994: Episode Unknown Please note that there are two spaces after a colon. If you don't know the year or the episode number, just write Unknown in the box. Formatting the quote In, "Quote content," please fill the quote in as follows: 1. If you need a setup line, please write it in italics and end it with a colon. e.g. When Michael appears to apologise to Wayne: After Lou threatens Russell: Then drop to the next line to write your quote... 2. Please write the character names in capitals (as if it is a script). Please bold the character names, and follow them with a colon. e.g. PHILIP: JULIE: LOU: HAROLD: 3. Please write the rest of your quote as normal (e.g. no extra formatting). Please try to be as accurate to the show as possible. There are lots of quotes on our sister site @ www.neighboursepisodes.com - feel free to look through them and add them!
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