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  1. Well done Sal You and the staff/admin team do a fantastic job and it's a great place to come Hopefully, one day, the episode archive will be complete
  2. Thanks Sal
  3. Cool, thanks Sal, just wanted to ask. Sorry for the stupid question!
  4. This is a bit pedantic, say I was watching a 2013 episode but it was shown in Oz in 2012, would I put 2013 in the quote?
  5. Woo hoo! Sel done everyone. Awesome stuff
  6. Well done Gaynor and all the other summarisers
  7. Any chance of keeping the Libby recast thread in Neighbours Chat, just for old times sake? A bit of gold
  8. I wasn't aware that this was the 'Tell Sal how to run her board thread'
  9. That's like saying that Hitler made some of his best decisions in 1943. Thanks to everyone who sorted this out
  10. Congrats NF and Sal Amazing how this community is 6 years old
  11. Well done to everyone
  12. Sunday sees me celebrate 5 years here as a member, I will conduct a review of my 5 years over the weekend to commemerate this special occassion
  13. No one would ever send angry emails on here
  14. Happy Birthday! I have an idea With so many episodes summarrised (it would only be 4144 without my efforts ) maybe we could have a classic episode posted (like we do with the current episodes) each week or month in episode discussion or NC for people to discuss and offer their memories or just read about stuff they've never seen?
  15. What a cool idea, I'll try and find one of me