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    Susan, Karl, Gail, Paul pre 2005, Henry, Madge, Charlene, Jane, Lyn pre 2005, Joe S, Summer, Valda, Elle, Donna, Des, Joe M, Mrs Mangel, Eileen and Harold.
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    Like all actresses if you give us a good role, we'll show up ~ Kim Cattrall
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    Can't decide!
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    Totally Confused
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    TV Ships....and usually ones that are doomed.<br /><br />E Street ~ Elly & Bob, Toni & Harley<br />Neighbours ~ Karl & Susan, Paul & Gail<br />Peak Practice ~ Jack & Beth, Will & Kate<br />Holby ~ Tricia & Mark, Owen & Chrissie<br />Trial & Retribution ~ Pat & Mike<br />Casualty ~ Charlie & Baz<br />Eastenders ~ Den & Angie<br />This Life ~ Anna & Miles<br /><br />D'ya see a pattern? Doomed I tell ya!<br /><br />I heart Kim Cattrall, SATC, Peak Practice, E Street, Holby City, Kylie, This Life, Spice Girls, Love Actually, Sarah Parish, Helen Mirren, Trial & Retribution, Lynda La Plante, Spurs and much more.<br /><br />I am also partial to a few people who spend much of their time on These people know who they are and I love them muchly.

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  1. Happy Birthday NF & Neighbours. October saw the plane crash in Aus and the 20th anniversary in the UK, which could explain the membership increase. Here's to more fun and games!
  2. Well done Sal and all the guys who helped her out. You must have worked your socks off, I didn't expect my avatar, post count and everything to be in check straight away!! Good work! Now I'm off to look around!!