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  1. Another thing that could be deleted are the Recent Status Updates that are over a certain length of time.
  2. have you got facebook.

  3. Spam bots are really annoying, thanks for fixing the problem so fast last night.
  4. That is impressive Gaynor as 1000 summaries of 3671 currently completed is over a quarter of the whole archive. Well done.
  5. Been away for a couple of weeks but really like the new look and after a couple of days am slowly getting used to it.
  6. I guess a chat room would need to be moderated to keep it PG 13, plus there would have to be rules on spoilers. Never used RSS that much before but it seems to be getting more popular.
  7. I am sure I have seen RSS on another Invision Power Board before it may be one of the extras that comes with 2.2 I think, would save you some work if they had included it in the latest upgrade.
  8. Would be nice to see the random quotes and arcade. Guess a lack of space would make a few web pages as the home page difficult for now, but would be nice to see in the future. I am grateful about the huge amount of work that you and several other members put into the board to keep it up and running, are you still looking for a new host after the hacking problems that occurred earlier this year?
  9. Thanks just noticed this so added it to my LJ list.
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