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    Sky Mangel, Joe Mangel, Valda Sheergold. I haven't got any newish favourite characters, as I don't watch Neighbours any more!
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  1. has been going through her recordable DVDs, and found some episodes from 20th Anniversary, Izzy/Susan/Karl baby storyline was great!

  2. is cheering herself up by watching Supersizers with Giles and Sue

  3. had an e-mail read out on Radio 2 today!

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    2. Bagpuss


      yeah, that was pretty cool! I listened to the whole show. I really like him! Did you see him on Who Do You Think You Are? I must get hold of his autobiography!

    3. the open door

      the open door

      Yeah, I thought it was really interesting, and he came across well. I've read his autobiography, it's mostly about his general life before he became really famous.

    4. Hawker


      :o I found my Fashion Wheel the other day! :o
  4. thinks WHSmith doesn't want trade, given they can't get their payment page to work!

  5. I agree, during the down time, I didn't know what to do with myself!
  6. is having a retro trip watching NKOTB on YouTube.

  7. is now watching Home Alone, the Christmas season has begun!!

  8. has finally got Beauty and the Beast on DVD, and has finally got it working!

  9. The spoiler thing happened last time, didn't it?
  10. Me too, I really surprised myself with some of them, knowing their names straight away! Others, I thought, have I actually watched Neighbours?! Great way to break up the day too, an hour applying for jobs, an hour tagging, I miss it too!
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