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  1. I've spent three days filing and now have backache from bending over the desk all day!

  2. Been down memory lane - went to Derby, my hometown to look at my old house and school! I don't know why I ever left!

  3. is exhausted after getting daughter off to university! Traffic bumper to bumper from Leicester all the way down the M1!

    1. babydoll


      I know the feeling- that sucks!

  4. He who laughs last, laughs longest!

    1. Bagpuss



    2. Paulrobinson



  5. The charity I work for has just had to redesign its website. We were told by the web designers that more websites are viewed on mobiles and tablets than PCs worldwide.
  6. Well, I hate the random quotes. They may be OK, when you are looking at the board on a PC, where they take a fairly small proportion of the screen, but I often look at the board from my I-phone. Then a quote can take up half of the screen! Its especially annoying when the same quote may come up several times within a few days.<br /><br />Is there anywhere for us to switch it off, in preferences - particularly on an I-phone?
  7. is catching up on the paperwork. Its an all day job!

  8. is suffering brain overload from a law workshop!

  9. Sukie really enjoyed swimming tonight!

  10. has got to take Miss L(2) swimming in a minute and I don't feel like it! Sigh!

  11. has got back from 2 weeks in China! An amazing country!

    1. Hawker


      Glad you had a great time...welcome back! :)

  12. Going to China next Saturday, where it could be 35 C, and M & S has the winter coats in already!

  13. Miss L(2) has finished her A-levels! No more stress about homework, coursework, exams....

  14. Its Miss L(2)'s last day at school today (apart from exams). Wahaaaay!

  15. Spent £.30,000 in court last week against my County Council and we've won! (We will be living on baked beans forever, but justice prevails sometimes!)

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