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  1. Developing a man-crush on Owl City. Can't believe I've only discovered his music in the last few weeks!

  2. I'm bored, entertain me!

    1. Bagpuss


      La, la, lala, laaaaaaaaaa!

  3. Having a House of Anubis marathon. My latest guilty pleasure show!

  4. I'm watching my "Neighbours: From The Beginning" DVD. 1985 Neighbours, on a Blu-Ray player, on a projector. You can really see the oldness!

    1. Pauly83


      Where did you get the dvd from?

    2. Phil


      Are you in Australia? If so, check out your nearest K-Mart. Warriewood has them. Also has the Charlene set too!

    3. Pauly83


      Thanks Mate.

      Just got home from Kmart, as I rushed out there.


  5. Getting bored. Maybe I should go outside and play.

  6. Getting back into posting on here, after a rather long hiatus. Also, this is my first ever status update on here. As opposed to on facebook, where I can update about 20 times a day.

  7. Maybe we should let you bend the "no changing text size" rule to make your signature stick out. And for some reason, picturing a huge obvious link in your signature reminded me of a very random IT Crowd quote. (For those who watch it) "The SHOOOOOOES-AH!" But then, I did just watch that episode.