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  1. It's so nice to be back! Thanks for all the hard work, dudes
  2. Happy Birthday to the show & to us! Like some of you guys have mentioned, this place is like a home away from home and I love spending time on here. Can't believe is six, though (and we're 11 all up). Woah. I have no idea what present you'd buy a six-year-old these days so I'll just bring the ice-cream cake
  3. Fantastic news! I can't believe we have 14 complete years, that's insane!
  4. Awesome achievement! High fives all 'round!
  5. Happy Birthday to us and to Neighbours! Special thanks to Sal for running a completely awesome forum. It's been my little home on the internet for seven years now, and I hope there's many more to come
  6. Happy Birthday to us (and to the show)! Huzzah! I'm extremely proud to have been a part of this community for 6 years now. Love it to bits.
  7. That is absolutely major, I love it! Yay NeighboursFans!
  8. Who were the other ones of, Kaz? I know I took a couple of Frazer/Rosie ones down because they were made from official pictures and not screen caps.
  9. Enhanced just means if text or other brushes have been used on the avie to jazz it up. Like the one you're using now.
  10. That is pretty darn awesome, G!
  11. I don't seem to have that icon... What about the other people on here? Do you have the bit circled in red on your screen, Daria?
  12. Aww, I had no idea! Happy Birthday to us! And thank you Sal for running such a fun, fabulous and addictive site
  13. That's absolutely awesome!
  14. From now until the 2008 series return we're going to revisit popular episodes from each year of Neighbours' history and hopefully fill the episode summary void until the 2008 series return. Read, discuss and reminisce to your heart's content! Each classic episode will be pinned in the Neighbours Chat Forum, and will also include a poll.
  15. Was it the email with just one Frosie avie in it, Lara? It's up for you now