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  1. Wow - 94% is amazing!
  2. Sorry, I made a spelling mistake in one I submitted today.
  3. Thanks Sal for keeping the board up and running for us. Happy birthday to Neighbours and nfans.
  4. Assuming you can see the same screen as I can, if you click on "Avatars" at the top of the forum, you will see "christmas" in the tags at the right hand side. I've just tagged the ones I could find.
  5. I thought I'd have a change from Phil, so I picked Rebecca. I thought it hadn't worked, but oddly I've got a Rebecca pic in thread and a Phil pic elsewhere.
  6. Please do not have spoilers in your quotes. Thanks. :)

    1. DetMarkBrennanDrool


      Okay, I didn't know. Um, how do you get pictures as your avatars?

    2. Stew


      I think at the moment only subscribers can get avatars, but Sal is working on getting them back. Watch out for the announcements. :)

    3. DetMarkBrennanDrool


      Oh, thanks. xD It's fine. :p I'll cope.


  7. No, I think what's happened is he clicked "Quote this" (second left by Report) to quote a post, not "Quote" (the one on the right).
  8. Yes, it would be good if they could be in a collapsible area so that people could choose. I don't know if that's possible though.
  9. *scrolls down* I appear to be repeating myself. ;)

  10. Why, I like your profile picture. :D

  11. Brilliant work Gaynor.
  12. Slightly belatedly - yes a big thanks to Sal for all you do keeping the board going. I love the challenge idea. Last year's book challenge really inspired me. I read loads more than I expected to - I thought I'd struggle to 12.
  13. There's a section on the sidebar that tells you what your current subscription is (e.g. no badge) and the date it's paid up to. If you have it closed like I do, I presume you just have to remember though.