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  1. Wow - 94% is amazing!
  2. Sorry, I made a spelling mistake in one I submitted today.
  3. Thanks Sal for keeping the board up and running for us. Happy birthday to Neighbours and nfans.
  4. Assuming you can see the same screen as I can, if you click on "Avatars" at the top of the forum, you will see "christmas" in the tags at the right hand side. I've just tagged the ones I could find.
  5. I thought I'd have a change from Phil, so I picked Rebecca. I thought it hadn't worked, but oddly I've got a Rebecca pic in thread and a Phil pic elsewhere.
  6. No, I think what's happened is he clicked "Quote this" (second left by Report) to quote a post, not "Quote" (the one on the right).
  7. Yes, it would be good if they could be in a collapsible area so that people could choose. I don't know if that's possible though.
  8. Brilliant work Gaynor.
  9. Slightly belatedly - yes a big thanks to Sal for all you do keeping the board going. I love the challenge idea. Last year's book challenge really inspired me. I read loads more than I expected to - I thought I'd struggle to 12.
  10. There's a section on the sidebar that tells you what your current subscription is (e.g. no badge) and the date it's paid up to. If you have it closed like I do, I presume you just have to remember though.
  11. Thanks for all you've done.
  12. for nfans, and thanks Sal.
  13. It doesn't show in Opera. ETA: Hmmm. I've just refreshed and it's appeared.
  14. Sorry, mate - I have no recollection of which button you're referring to?  The bottom of this page is an example. There is usually a small button next to the thing that says where you are on the forum and it lets you be taken to the main forum on the one you are on at the moment. It's hard to explain. Do you mean this--------------------------------------------------------V If so, the drop down box now works automatically without using a button.
  15. Yes, thanks Sal, it's a great board. Happy birthday nfans.