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    Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Rebecca Napiar, Lou Carpenter, Dan Fitzgerald (before he become an idiot), Lucas Fitzgerald, Paul Robinson
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    "It takes a village to raise a child, it takes a gang to create an idiot."
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  1. Had a lovely mother's day with inlaws ,sister in law, bro,mum and dad. Off to see grandparents this arvo. A light mothers day! Happy mothers day to all mothers out there!

  2. listening to good old aqua LMFAO :p The music is putting me in a silly mood! hehe

  3. Watched Supernatural, law and Order SVU and fixed my friend's laptop in a space of two hours and I rewarded myself with a capapcino :)

  4. The Voice Australia has been amazing. I find it hard to pick who are my favourites, because they are all so good. Individually I like to see them branch out bit in front of the judges.

  5. Found some old 2007/2008 eps of Neighbours on DVD. Two eps in stunning HD. Re-watching Susans trial for hitting Bridget. Don't know I felt those eps were really good drama wise.

  6. Are you planning to cull some old Fanfics from the fanfic forum? I need to save one of my fics into word document, since I lost my original copy.
  7. I really need to get back into neighbours fic writing again.. got so many fics to finish!

  8. off to melbourne in 5 days time, can't wait!!

    1. toadieieatmypie


      Greatest city in the world

    2. ShadowDan


      definetly is - going to Sydney in september :) to see what Sydney thinks of me :)


  9. should be capping some neighbours caps but lol I'm just so lazy at the moment..and its only 8am in the morning lol

    1. Swanny


      Get to work, damn it! :p

  10. off to city to have a coffeee a nice warm and delicious coffee.. :)

  11. off to go to dinner for my nan's 74th birthday!! so hungry..lol

  12. I just can't believe it.. Just can't believe it...at all lol

  13. hello to all of my three friends I have on here :) lol

  14. added ya as a friend - hope you have a nice day :)

  15. Looking great. Definetly liking the new blue theme.
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