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  1. 422 now That's fewer than 2 years' worth of episodes at 240 eps per year
  2. While 20 years are completed in their entirety, lots of other years a partially completed too - in fact the archive is 94% complete now - just 423 episodes left to summarise Well done everyone! I started summarising in 2004 I think
  3. I think the hosts had a blip and have restored the database, losing a couple of hours in the process
  4. Just to let you know that our archive has reached 6000! Thank you to everyone who has participated over the years Our eye is definitely on the prize now for a completed archive!
  5. He he thanks Em! I am considering a new challenge to take me up to the end of the year
  6. Thank you guys LOL at the number of smilies Emma put on her post - thanks Em!
  7. Aw, thank you Sal I am happy to have completed the challenge, albeit only just in time! Other summaries are also going up, Graham has been writing loads from the 90s recently
  8. Wahey! Can't believe it's 7 years at the new address. I'd forgotten about the board meltdown. That certainly was a stressful few days Thank you Sal for everything you do to keep this community alive and happy
  9. I would like to add for those who might not realise, that the board is not free to run - between here and, it takes several hundred pounds a year to run, most of which is absorbed by Sal. Therefore support of just a few pounds a year is greatly appreciated! And there are a few subscriber perks, too!
  10. This is true!
  11. Aha that'll be it then. I don't know what criteria the host use but -
  12. If you had though, surely it would have been done from the forum, rather than at an ISP level? I don't *think* the two lists are the same, but I can't see the forum ban list, only the one behind the scenes. Maybe you could check, Sal?
  13. The ban list has always been in the Admin bit. I wonder if for some reason Alex's ISP changed to one that was already in the filter? If we get people persistently signing up when they've been banned so that could be a reason. It certainly wouldn't have been added to deliberately ban you, Alex, but it is possible I did it in error whilst trying to get rid of someone else. No, I don't think it's the same ban list, Janet. It's nothing to do with the forum database, this is on the server itself, I think it's a higher ban list than the board one, one that resides with the ISP. I'm sure you check the forum's ban list before for Alex's IP and it wasn't there. There was a time when the host put everyone who typed their password in wrong on an ISP-level ban list at one time, hence my above!
  14. Well quite, and I may not have a job anymore if anyone checks the work internet logs for this week and finds it full of neighboursfans entries and Gigabytes of uploads
  15. Actually, I think that was me Alex - I experimentally deleted any IPs near mine from the ban list, I think yours was one of them. How you got on a ban list is anyone's guess I didn't even know there was a IP ban list there until this week. (in fact, it may have been hidden to us before this point)