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  1. I know we already have a bigger inbox, but I'd love to see that increased if possible (though no big deal if not, as I am guessing more space equals more money )


    I'd also suggest increasing the subs this year, even if we each pay a few extra £ a year it means less for you to pay Sal, or even an option to decide what you pay, with £6.50 being the minimum. We all love the board and get a lot out of it, I don't see why we shouldn't all contribute what we can afford. I'd be happy to pay more than the £6.50 that subs currently are, as it would still be excellent value for money. :)

  2. Oh no :(


    Some of my best posts have been made in the last few months. This is a travesty :(


    Please keep some floppies handy and backup on a daily basis

    I probably shouldn't react - it's not good to feed trolls, but do you know what? The words 'stuffed' and 'get' spring to mind reading this and that's the polite version :angry:


    I love how you deleted the bottom bit of my post which said the said the same as everyone else is saying. As for the bit you quoted - it was meant light hearidtly (hence the floppies) so please don't asume my post was a personal attack.


    I'm glad the board is back and the last few days must be a nightmare for staff.


    I'd rather you ignore my posts in future if I offend you, rather than being rude.


    OK, I know it's bad to feed trolls but FGS, what a cheek you have to give Janet a talking down to for being rude, when you have been nothing but offensive to a lot of people. Plus I don't think it's for you to say to tell an admin to be ignoring posts. :angry:


    Oh, and don't worry we haven't forgot all of your 'best' posts. :rolleyes:

  3. Hi Sal, my subs ran out yesterday, but PayPal won't let me renew. :shrug: It keeps saying MrR's card is already registered to another paypal account (it's defintely not, as it's quite a new card) I tried the pay by debit card if you don't have a paypal account, but it says the same thing, I can't use the card as it's registered to a paypal account. :???: His account is the only one I have a card for, I don't know where my debit card is. :???:


    I will see if I can borrow someone else's card tomorrow, failing that I will have to get MrR to send you a cheque (as I don't have a cheque book) Could you PM your addy, as I hate being in 'debt' so to speak. Sorry about the hassle.

  4. Don't think that I have forgotten about subscribing, I feel like such a leech not doing so, but didn't have paypal, I got a paypal account yesterday, and just tried to pay subs here, but now it says that I can't used Paypal unless I give them my bank details? :unsure:


    Should this be the case? I paid for something from ebay yesterday just using my debit card details.


    TIA :)

  5. It certainly gets the brain working. :)


    As much as it is entertaining to talk about Neighbours or waffle on in General Chat, the CA forum provokes more thought and intelligent conversation, so thanks Sal. :)

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