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  1. JA_

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    Well done, Gaynor.
  2. Thanks to everyone who makes this place what it is. It's been more than 7 years since I joined, and have made so many good friends, and it's such a great place to come every day. Thanks Sal.
  3. I think Paypal to you directly is the way to go then. I'll do that when my subs are due.
  4. I know we already have a bigger inbox, but I'd love to see that increased if possible (though no big deal if not, as I am guessing more space equals more money ) I'd also suggest increasing the subs this year, even if we each pay a few extra £ a year it means less for you to pay Sal, or even an option to decide what you pay, with £6.50 being the minimum. We all love the board and get a lot out of it, I don't see why we shouldn't all contribute what we can afford. I'd be happy to pay more than the £6.50 that subs currently are, as it would still be excellent value for money.
  5. Yay for you being able to access the board again Alex. Perhaps the ban thing comes from that time ages ago when you asked to be banned to get uni work done?
  6. I probably shouldn't react - it's not good to feed trolls, but do you know what? The words 'stuffed' and 'get' spring to mind reading this and that's the polite version I love how you deleted the bottom bit of my post which said the said the same as everyone else is saying. As for the bit you quoted - it was meant light hearidtly (hence the floppies) so please don't asume my post was a personal attack. I'm glad the board is back and the last few days must be a nightmare for staff. I'd rather you ignore my posts in future if I offend you, rather than being rude. OK, I know it's bad to feed trolls but FGS, what a cheek you have to give Janet a talking down to for being rude, when you have been nothing but offensive to a lot of people. Plus I don't think it's for you to say to tell an admin to be ignoring posts. Oh, and don't worry we haven't forgot all of your 'best' posts.
  7. yay Xmas countdown, and a week to go until advent calenders. :-)

  8. Great news, well done.
  9. Hi Sal, my subs ran out yesterday, but PayPal won't let me renew. It keeps saying MrR's card is already registered to another paypal account (it's defintely not, as it's quite a new card) I tried the pay by debit card if you don't have a paypal account, but it says the same thing, I can't use the card as it's registered to a paypal account. His account is the only one I have a card for, I don't know where my debit card is. I will see if I can borrow someone else's card tomorrow, failing that I will have to get MrR to send you a cheque (as I don't have a cheque book) Could you PM your addy, as I hate being in 'debt' so to speak. Sorry about the hassle.
  10. Woo hoo! Well done everyone.
  11. How do you mean email? My paypal name? or a payment? I am not sure I would know how to do that, I will ask OH to set up paypal properly for me later on, and get it sorted that way.
  12. Don't think that I have forgotten about subscribing, I feel like such a leech not doing so, but didn't have paypal, I got a paypal account yesterday, and just tried to pay subs here, but now it says that I can't used Paypal unless I give them my bank details? Should this be the case? I paid for something from ebay yesterday just using my debit card details. TIA
  13. Alex

    I'll be in Scotland some time in January, I am going to Belfast on Boxing Day, not sure about New Years yet, might be in Belfast still, Manchester, Edinburgh or mayeb France, don't know....hehe. I need to book my flight back to Aus also...come with meeeee! Please! They have plenty of finance jobs in Sydney! xxx

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