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  1. And some of us are those who found ourselves lost when the BBC board - except you were here and offered us a home, and some of us are still here, all those years later... Thank you.
  2. Barney


    Sal, as ever, many thanks for the heads up, but also for the enormous amount of work that you and the team do to hold this community and its base together. I really appreciate you all.
  3. I'll add my thanks to those above. I really appreciate the resource and all the work that goes into keeping ti up, running and updated.
  4. Many thanks, and lots of hugs to you both. Gaynor, Sal must feel well chuffed that you managed this at all, but especially on her birthday! I wouldn't have had a clue where to begin, so your specialised knowledge leaves me gasping!
  5. The cheque's in the post, Sal - a little late as I'm still catching up since I returned from my friend's...
  6. Hi, Sal. My subs are due on 10th June. Please may I have an address so I can send you a cheque? Thanks
  7. Please don't post spoilers in the status update column!

  8. It's the same in Polls - the number of votes cast is very small and pale.
  9. Barney


    The downside of this, of course, is that tomorrow night, it'll get dark around five, instead of around six o'clock...
  10. Thanks for taking time to answer, Sal. I needed to be sure that it was just me, though, as this site was the slowest to load (but is also one of the biggest I use). After an appalling speed test result from the BBC site (I couldn't watch Emma!) I phoned BT and the time it took to load BT.com to do their test persuaded the lady at the other end that there really was a problem. Download speed was 184mbps ... The problem was at the exchange, and they are working on boosting the signal. It's taken two days, but this site is now taking about 4 - 5 seconds to load and the download test's ru
  11. Sal, I did the ping and this is what came back: I don't know what it means but it seems to indicate that the connection speed's ok. Is that right? If so, I don't know what to do next as it's as slow on my pc as it is on the wireless laptop?
  12. Thanks. I'll give that a go. I've had the router unplugged as much as possible and used the net as little as possible over the last couple of days to clear static, which has slightly improved things, but NF is still very slow (about 12 seconds, as opposed to the 30+ it was taking) so I do need to trace the problem.
  13. I'll try that , but I just got this result for a speed test on BBC.co.uk: Looks like it's the local BB connection... Ermm, sorry, for being a Luddite, but how do I do a DOS prompt?
  14. 0.148 seconds, when in RealTime it took 25 seconds. <puzzled> My net connection in general is a bit slow at the moment, but this is by far the slowest to load (BBC Gardener's World takes about 5 seconds, as does N&F) I'm going to turn off my router overnight and see if that helps to clear it.
  15. Is it only for me that since the upgrade, the board has run really slowly? It's taking on average 30 seconds to load a page.
  16. Sorry, Sal. I wasn't expecting you do do anything about the editor problem till the fix. I know just what a bind a major upgrade can be and was just making a suggestion in general based on your comment that it works fine in your screen - obviously not necessary, so again, I apologise.
  17. I'm sorry. I know it doesn't actually solve the problem, but I thought you only had a couple of old pms to answer and could answer the new messages normally, so this would help as an interim measure, till Sal could take a look. <decides she'd better shut up and go away >
  18. As the message is still there and readable, perhaps a simple answer would be to copy and paste the previous pm into a new message and answer it from there?
  19. I don't know if you could do it here, but I resolved that problem on my board by creating a separate member account so I could log in as her and view the screen as a member rather than as Admin.
  20. Thanks, Sal. At least it can be done through the Lo-Fi version for now, so I won't need to bother anyone to do it for me. Had a slight panic this evening as I couldn't add the D & T Award polls (there's no option to edit in a poll in the ordinary editor). I went into the Lo-Fi, and still couldn't, but clicked to go back to the blue skin with the edit window open and it opened the full editor! It might be worth flagging this up as a temporary fix, Sal?
  21. Thanks, Tracy. If the Lo-Fi lets me down, I'll let you know (as the staff member who posts there).
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