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    Everyone pre 2006. Except the Hancocks obviously, let's not be silly now.
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    Never worry about the world ending today, it's already tomorrow in Australia.
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    Can't decide!
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  1. Is there a credit card option? Like JA said I'd love a pay what you like system, I'd pay more than £6.50 quite happily.
  2. Ah thanks, I didn't realise. We definitely banned Alex once at her request but that was several years ago! Sounds like it can't have been that anyway. Janet, I know you wouldn't ever have deliberately banned me! The banning request was in 2006 or so I think, when I was doing a psychology exam. (5 years ago - scary. I've since quit psychology, moved abroad, got an arts degree and a masters, but it still feels a lot more recent than 5 years ago! )
  3. Thanks G! Better make efforts not to get banned in the future
  4. Thanks Sal and Gaynor for sorting it all. It seems to have fixed whatever problem I was having - I can now access the board again from home....
  5. loves you 20LEGEND - once a hero, always a hero. See you again someday

  6. Hi,

    I added you as a friend. Hope you don't mind. Have a beautiful day! xx Paris =]

  7. Alex

    UPGRADE - 16/09

    I tried that, just kept taking me to page 1!
  8. Alex

    UPGRADE - 16/09

    Oh right! Thanks Tracy, that has been driving me mad.
  9. Alex

    UPGRADE - 16/09

    I could be being totally dense here, but bear with me I can skip straight to my first unread post of a topic if I'm browsing the forum the topic is in...however, if I am accessing the "view new contents area" there doesn't seem to be the same button there. Am I being blind? Or even making sense?! TIA
  10. Yeah, sorry, I was going NSW time.
  11. I have a feeling Aus don't change for another week, but I could be wrong.
  12. Alex

    Avatar Changes

    Thanks for all the reorganising Sal. Can I just say, I love how Ringo and Janae are a couple in the avatar folders!
  13. Go guys, awesome! Fantastic! Especially you G
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