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  1. is that GA I spy in your pic? Much love for Cheryl and Nicola <3

  2. I've never even bothered to look at how many new posts are showing at the top of the page - it's not as though I'm going to read every one of them Same here. I just wander off into the forums and see which threads I feel like going into, which may take longer but it's what I'm used to. Anyway, I was thinking the board looked a tad wider but thought it was just my imagination. I haven't put anything in the "About Me" bit yet, I'm rubbish at those sort of things.
  3. Happy birthday Neighbours Fans. Thanks Sal and everyone else who contributes in running this place. I actually can't imagine being without this forum now!
  4. Thanks Sal, its great to have to quotes back.
  5. Haha yes I love Hilary Duff muchly!!

    As for the "stalking" thing, I find that when I'm online and bored I like looking at people's profiles, don't ask me why, I must just be nosey! lol

    Skye Sweetnam rocks, I'd never heard of her until I listened to Capital Disney *blushes* but thanks for the info. What's your fave Skye song?

  6. That's okay. I was just unsure if you'd got the payment, but as long as you have that's fine.
  7. Thanks. Well I re-subscribed today, but I still appear as a member so I'm not sure if the subscription was successful.
  8. Is it okay to use a different card to re-subsbribe? I used an electron last time but I now have a proper visa.
  9. hehe thanks I love it :) Happy birthday sweetie hope you've had a good day xxx

  10. heyyy...I should really get my tapes off you someday...I bet they take up loads of room. I will get them soon though because I need a Tess fix!

  11. I'd quite like to see my pips back too. Also would like the random quotes back. I used to sit there refreshing the page sometimes.
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