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    toadie, lance
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    Lance: She looks great, she's my age and the stuff that she's interested in is very good. Ruth: Oh thanks Lance, I feel like I've known her for years
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  1. 1 month ago I became Mrs Moose... it's gone so quick!

  2. Has only just noticed her name on NF is now Mrs Moose! Thank you so much for changing it! :-D

    1. Swanny


      That would suck if you were going to log in and you panicked thinking you were hacked or something, thinking it was your password that was wrong :p

    2. Hawker


      It's just display - I could silently change yours and you wouldn't know until you logged in. :)


      Thanks have to go to JA - I hadn't seen your request, and she pointed it out to me. :)

  3. Setting off to Whitstable today, eeeeeekK

  4. 10 days till I'm Mrs Moose!

    1. Phil


      You're marrying someone with the same surname as yourself? Quite the coincidence. ;)

    2. Mrs Moose

      Mrs Moose

      Same species too, a Moose, not one of your human people ;-)


    3. Karl&Max fan

      Karl&Max fan

      awwww many many congratulations to you!! xxx

  5. Merry Christmoose everyone }:o)

  6. Wedding dress has arrived! EEeeeeeeee :-D

  7. Registered The Moose Wedding today!

  8. Is off Power Walking - Harold Bishop would be so proud!

  9. Got her Alexandr Meerkat from comparethemeerkat today, Simples! :-)

  10. YAY! Well done for getting the board back up
  11. Manbag = Drug dealer

  12. Holiday to Whitby booked!

  13. is trying to convince her brother to come to her house and kill a spider, even though its after 11pm

    1. Sukie


      Yes, we got woken at 1.00 am by hysterical screaming over a spider in the bathroom!

  14. 6 Facebook status updates in 1 hour? Was that REALLY necessary?!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. sophie123


      I have someone who likes bobut fifty pages at a time..is THAT necessary?!

    3. sophie123
    4. Mrs Moose

      Mrs Moose

      She's a lovely girl but she's one of those who will post about how bad her IBS is, don't really want to know about your bowels :-/ And she'll post something like "at the hospital" or "not looking forward to the courtcase" then says she can't say anything when people ask


  15. Adeles new song makes me cry :'-(

    1. Potato
    2. sophie123


      my favourite song by her is Hometown Glory

      "I ain't lost, just wandering."

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