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  1. is that GA I spy in your pic? Much love for Cheryl and Nicola <3

  2. Meeeeeeeeeeeh Nat's left the Rogues!!! What are we going to do? :( Haven't spoken to you in ages xx

  3. Happy birthday to us and much thanks to Sal and all the staff for maintaining such a lovely forum.
  4. Oh thank you so so much for bringing this feature back, Sal!
  5. Hi! Lol, I am a pretty big Oliver/Elle fan :D I don't think they're gonna get back together though. :( xxx

  6. Hi Emma, I didn't know there was such a big Elle&Ollie fan!

    I think the complete opposite, because go Carm&Ollie!!!!!!!

    (They're the best)


  7. Mwah

    Completed :)

    Thanks for letting us know!
  8. Carly

    Aw, hey Em! Sorry, I just realised you commented on my profile - I'm not getting email notifications for some reason! Thanks for the comments about the avie, hehe x

  9. Mwah

    Doh, just noticed you posted it in a new icons thread! Ooh off to have a goggle at them all now hehe! :D xx

  10. Mwah

    Hey Carly! Just wanted to say how much I love the colouring and style of your new av. Not really a Declan/Rachel fan but that's a pretty awesome screencap for shippers!! xxxxx

  11. I like Hilary Duff too. :D I don't think anyone in the U.K. has heard of Skye really cos she's from Canada and everything! My favourite song..hmm, Billy S. maybe but I'm still choosing overthe ones from her new cd! you? xxx

  12. Haha yes I love Hilary Duff muchly!!

    As for the "stalking" thing, I find that when I'm online and bored I like looking at people's profiles, don't ask me why, I must just be nosey! lol

    Skye Sweetnam rocks, I'd never heard of her until I listened to Capital Disney *blushes* but thanks for the info. What's your fave Skye song?

  13. Lol, just so you know I'm not stalking I just keep visiting your page 'cos you always have some type of interesting pic on it or soemthing! is your new one of hilary duff? oh and seeing I know you're a skye sweetnam fan, did you know she has a new cd out in canada? I got myself a cheap copy on eBay! :) xxx

  14. Exactly. Thanks, guys it was a nice suprise!
  15. Wow I've been away for a week so I've only just come on here and it looks so different!! I'm sure I'll get used to it but I'm in shock right now. Thanks for keeping the board tip-top, Sal.
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